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IIT Madras Launches Fellowship in ‘AI for Social Good’

The collaboration between the Indian Institue of Technology Madras’s Robert Bosch for Data Science and AI(RBCDSAI) and Narayan Family Foundation will open doors for the launch of fellowship in ‘Artificial Intelligence for Social Good.’

IIT Madras AI-for-social good-fellowship

The Fellowship

Recent Ph.D. graduates and early career researchers in computer science, computational and data science, biomedical sciences, finance, management, and other branches of engineering will be selected for the fellowship. Candidates seeking to take part in the fellowship can apply at rbcdsai.iitm.ac.in.

In addition to working with the industrial and clinical sector, RBCDSAI also works with the central, statement, and local governments. RBCDSAI works with the primary objective of gaining transformative insights and steps which will help to create a strong and meaningful impact on the stakeholders.

According to the Head of RBCDSAI-IIT Madras, Prof B.Ravindran,

“This fellowship is designed to enable outstanding candidates to establish their independent research profile and to contribute in a significant way to socially relevant AI research.”

The fellowship can prove to be quite a revolutionary step in artificial intelligence research which can explore different, yet to be discovered domains which will prove to be fruitful in research. The various possibilities and scope concerning artificial intelligence, an area that still has vague corners with immense potential, can be leveraged effectively with the help of this research fellowship. It is also a good indicator of the gaining momentum of the artificial intelligence field and its immense potential.

The dean of IIT Madras, Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula expressed his gratitude to Mr.Srinivas and the Narayan family for their magnanimous contribution to this Postdoctoral Research Program that can prove to be revolutionary and game-changing.

The fellows will receive a salary of Rs.15 lakh to Rs.18 lakh per annum. The salary will also be dependent on the experience of the candidate and this will for a term of three years, non-renewable. A one-time research grant amounting to Rs.30 lakh will also be available for the fellows.

The independent research by the fellows should be under the mentorship of the Centre, particularly in the area of AI for social good. RBCDSAI will also provide access to high-end compute infrastructure and relevant datasets.

As per the claims of IIT,

“RBCDSAI is a pre-eminent interdisciplinary research academic center for Data Science and AI in India with the largest network analytics and deep reinforcement learning research groups. It also has the most active natural language processing and deep learning groups. The primary mission is to carry out fundamental research in AI and develop Data Science and AI-based innovations to a broad range of domains, including manufacturing, infrastructure, smart cities, financial inclusion, and healthcare.”




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