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Facebook converts part of its Menlo headquarters into COVID-19 Vaccination Centre


Source: TechCrunch

COVID-19 has been a battle for everyone since 2020 and by hook or by crook, every government in the world, every company and all the way down to a single individual, everyone is playing their part to not accelerate the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Facebook has been very active and very generous in this journey to battle this pandemic with its initiatives to launch tools, services and by helping the government in their efforts as well.

Recently on Friday, Facebook Inc. announced that it is converting a section of its Menlo Park headquarters into a COVID-19 vaccination centre. This action has been taken by the social media conglomerate to help the government of the United States in their efforts to accelerate the vaccination drive which has been active for more than two months now. Facebook has been very helpful to provide actual information to the citizens of America about the COVID-19 vaccination drive and all information related to it.

At the moment, the government is only focused to vaccinate as many people as possible overcoming the hurdles of misinformation being spread by people through social media and word of mouth. People are reluctant to vaccinate themselves and Facebook is actively helping the government to reduce the spread of misinformation through its social media platforms and by launching tools to provide actual information to every user.

Not long ago, Facebook has also successfully launched a COVID-19 Information Panel on the top of every user’s news feed and has also partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital to launch its tool that will help users to know nearby locations, where they can register themselves for vaccination.

Having said that, in its recent conversion of the Menlo Park HQ area into a  COVID-19 vaccination site, the company is joining hands with Ravenswood Family Health Centre, according to Reuters.

The report also mentioned that Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Ravenswood Family Centre penned down the centre is also teaming up with the government of California and some local non-profit companies to support and accelerate mobile vaccination clinics in about four hardest-hit regions of the State.

COVID-19 has hit each and every economy in the world and with this vaccination drive, all States are actively participating to accelerate vaccinations and control the situation somehow, restoring the economic health of all countries. As an individual, all you can do is to be responsible enough and not take COVID-19 as a joke. Get vaccinated and play your part in saving the world and freeing it from this pandemic.



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