Imtiaz Ali Joins Hands With nexGTV; Launches SPOTLight


22 December, 2015, Mumbai: The Director, who is always known for his innovative ideas and  creative thinking, Imtiaz Ali has joined hands with nexGTV and launched ‘SPOTLight’. It is an online forum which will provide a launching platform to young filmmakers and directors. Users can make short videos on variety of subjects and can share it on the website.

Commenting on the development, Abhesh Verma, COO, nexGTV says, “the publicity and marketing will initially be through bloggers and on social media, which will be used to invite entries but would gradually spread to television, radio spots and then hoardings.”

It equips the users to make short-films and documentaries on various categories horror, satire, drama, social, poetry, comedy original music, fiction and reality. Selected videos will be telecasted on nexGTV’s programme ‘TV on Mobile’. Once the videos are aired, they will be judged on the basis of views , clicks etc. after collecting the data, prize of Rs one lakh will be given to the first winner whereas, second winner will receive Rs 25,000. Speaking about the sponsorship, Varma stated, “nexGTV already had the base with the large of number of screen partnerships and more than 100 advertisers. Each contribution can be of 200 megabytes, which roughly worked out to 10 minutes.”