In Australia and New Zealand, Meta introduces its paid verification service

Users in Australia and New Zealand may now subscribe to Facebook and Instagram through the premium service of Meta. According to TechCrunch, the “Meta Verified” membership package includes a verified label, increased reach, more robust impersonation security, access to customer support, and unique stickers on Facebook and Instagram.

The business said last week that it is trying premium Instagram and Facebook verification for $11.99 per month for the web and $14.99 per month for mobile. On the firm website, visitors can also view the advantages of the membership and the enrollment process.

Users must be 18 years old to be Meta Verified

According to the article, many consumers might wait to notice the opportunity to purchase the plan since the corporation is rolling it out gradually. Facebook and Instagram have different plans, and as of right now, just the online plan is offered for Facebook. Users have to spend $27 per month if they wish to acquire Meta Verified for both platforms.

Meta launches paid subscription, for whom and why?
Credits: The New Indian Express

Users that want to be Meta Verified must be at least 18 years old have recently posted, and have a profile photo that matches the government identification they give. For now, changing your profile name, username, birthday, or profile image on Meta requires cancelling your subscription and reapplying.

The wait for customers wishing to sign up for the premium verification service has officially opened up, according to the new help pages and prompts that the firm issued on Thursday night. Users of Facebook and Instagram may sign up right away to receive notifications when the function launches in their nation.

Facebook has also received a new prompt

Yet reading more further into these pages reveals a few other intriguing facts about the service that is already familiar to us. For instance, while announcing the premium Facebook and Instagram verification service offered by Meta over the weekend, creator Mark Zuckerberg indicated that it would cost $11.99 per month to subscribe online and $14.99 per month to do so on an iOS device.

Zuckerberg neglected to disclose that you would need a different subscription for each site where you had a profile. It will cost a user $23.99 on the web or $29.99 on iOS to sign up for Meta Verified on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Meta also differentiates Meta Confirmed from Twitter’s premium verification service, Twitter Blue. Facebook and Instagram’s help sites make it apparent that, at least temporarily, the strategy is to permit “notable” individuals to continue to be confirmed under the previous, free method and allow presently verified users to maintain their verification badges.

As noted by social media expert Matt Navara, a fresh prompt has also arrived on Facebook. When a verification badge is clicked on a profile that has previously been verified, a notice letting users know that these checkmarks now have a new significance on the platform is displayed.