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In nearby future, World going to economically polarized towards the New Pole, shifting from Capitalism or Communism?


  • An Economist first time in the line of Adam Smith and Karl Marx. In nearby future, World going to economically and politically polarised towards third pillar, from the side Capitalism and communism. In that situation, India definitely lead others.


New Delhi –

If we count period of last 70 years, the whole world was polarized into two poles, either the Western world powered by Capitalism Economic Model, which was invented by Adam Smith, and others side was U.S.S.R. powered by Communism Economic Model invented by Karl Marx.

Since after 1991, after the dissolution of USSR, the only reason behind the dissolution of USSR was the failure of communism Economic Model. Thereafter most of nations wide adopting Capitalism through the route of liberalisation, as a result, now The USA representative nation of Capitalism, leading the world accordingly.

Meanwhile, Mankind has been used of both economic concepts and Mankind still suffering from Poverty, Unemployment, Crony Capitalism and Corruption. Therefore, both of economic concepts as Capitalism and Communism are insufficient to satisfy the humankind economic requirements.

In current meantime, a surprise claim arises, about the third economic concept with complete economics structural named as H.R. Economic Model has been developed against Capitalism and Communism by an Indian Economist Deepak Sharma, likewise called as a father of H.R. Economics – (https://www.hreconomics.org).

“A Comparison between Deepak Sharma (H.R.Economics) v/s Adam Smith (
Capitalism) v/s Karl Marx ( Communism)”.

Key concept of H.R. Economic Model –

  • Human resource is an absolute asset, it shall be the part of National H.R. Account. While, the mankind has no intellectual capability to evaluate the human resources and further the convert aforesaid valuation into monetary fund.
  • H.R. Economic Model is capable to evaluate human resources by using tool of H.R. Economic Model, thereafter, aforesaid valuation to be converted into monetary fund.
  • In current Economic Model, the mankind is capable to use accounting standards only, while H.R. Economic Model shall be capable to run accounting standard and economic standard simultaneously.
  • Main power grid shall be centralised unit of H.R. Economic Model.


Aspects H.R. Economics Capitalism Communism
Invention Invented by an Indian economist Deepak Sharma (2014-2016) designated as father of H.R. Economics Invented by Scottish economist Adam Smith (1750-1780) designated as father of Economics  Invented by German economist Karl Marx (1840-1870) designated as father of Communism.
Investment / Monetary Fund Generation Monetary fund generated by Manpower Grid against H.R. Valuation through National H.R. Capital Account. Monetary fund generated by Capitalist as private entity. Monetary fund invested by State or Govt. of State.
Employment Generation Employment Generation depend upon Intellectual Entrepreneur Capability. Employment Generation depend upon profit interest of Capitalists. Employment Generation depend upon political / social requirement decided by Government.


Production Production depends upon Entrepreneur Capability. Production depends upon private entity and profit worth maximization. Production depends upon Government will power of state.
Economic Tools Man Power Grid,

National H.R. Account

Stock Exchange,

Private Investment

Revenue Department of Government.
Economics Resources Allocation Emphasis upon better Human Resource utilization. Emphasis upon Profit Motivation, Monopoly, Crony Capitalism. Emphasis upon Government Decisions.
Market Forces Highly works. Works but surrender in case of monopoly or Crony Capitalism. Market forces not works.
Mechanism H.R. Economics mandatory assumes that Human Resource is an absolute asset and a part of National Capital Account. There after aforesaid asset to be utilized into monetary fund which can be used for further production. Individual or group of individual arrange investment for production. The reason behind profit and worth maximization. State invest for production for welfare of Society.
Ownership Group of Entrepreneur having intellectual capability of Quality and Innovative production. Capitalist or Group of Capitalists. State or Government.
Drawback Not Applied, as Upcoming Model Crony Capitalism

Inequality Income ratio.

Ineffective for Innovation techniques. Market forces does not works


Therefore, various economists examine the Cardinal principle of H.R. Economics and compare it with capitalism and communism Economic Model, H.R. Economic Model seems to next generation Economic Model versus capitalism and communism.

On Date 7th May 2020, Deepak Sharma has been submitted a financial proposal of 15 trillion dollar worth, before Government of India including 10 crores (hundred millions) new jobs creation plan along with surety for One trillion dollar secured bond in the favour of Union of India with in next 8-9 month period time. Deepak sharma was requested to Govt. of India for form the committee, which shall be capable to verify the viability and reliability of aforesaid Financial Proposal.

In same regard, if any further delay, India may lose the opportunity of utilising the benefits of this new economic model. If the committee realises the positive feedback of this upcoming economic concept, it may prove to be the greatest financial weapon for India as well as the entire human race.



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