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India is targeting crypto investors for not paying taxes

The Indian government recently announced a 30% flat tax rate + 1% TDS on crypto profits in India. And now, the income department of India is targeting crypto investors for not paying taxes. They already have a list of 700 people who haven’t paid taxes on high-value crypto transactions. An official from the Direct Taxation department also said that they have a long list of people who were transacting in crypto but didn’t pay taxes.

India is targeting crypto investors for not paying taxes

This was a long time coming as the government has finally started cracking down on crypto tax evasions. But yes, it is not that very small investors who have profits but nothing substantial are being targeted. The income tax department clearly mentioned high-value crypto transactions. So, if you have earned some pennies here and there, don’t worry.


The officials have reported that people who haven’t reported on any crypto gains might be penalized alongside 30% tax and interest. For now, they are going to investigate 700 transactions where the tax is supposed to be very high. The list contains all types of people like normal citizens, startups, students, and even housewives who haven’t filed their tax returns.

Some of these individuals haven’t filed any tax returns even after 40 lakh in crypto gains. At the same time, some of them are treating their gains as capital gains and others as business income. This has also created a lot of problems for the government. They are going to start enforcement actions from March 31st, said the Central Board of Direct Taxation Chairman, and the penalties may go as high as 50%.

How to save taxes on crypto?

If you have already booked profits, then there is no point in thinking about this. You are liable to pay a 30% tax. But if that’s not the case, then wait for a while; I am optimistic that the authorities will consider the plea of thousands of investors and entrepreneurs in India and reduce this tax. They are bound to get some inspiration from the US, who are trying to be a leader in the space, while India is trying to tax the hell out of it.

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