Nick Clegg

India on its way to becoming a ‘digital superpower’: Meta global affairs chief

In an interview with the Times of India, Meta global affairs chief Nick Clegg, spoke on various things– from what hells him maintain a fine balance between complex regulatory issues and free speech globally for Meta, to issues from data protection bill, fake news and India’s path to emerge as “digital superpower” in coming years.

When asked about his views on the new draft of the proposed digital personal data protection bill in India, he said:

“India now ranks very close to the top of the table of most significant digital economies. It really is starting to fulfil something that was talked about for years, which is India becoming a true digital superpower, and that’s a good thing for the world. What I sense from some of my recent discussions, and this is perhaps especially relevant as India is assuming the chairmanship of G20, is that India believes in the foundational principles of an open internet where data can flow openly around the world, but also where people’s privacy and safety are properly secured and where innovation is encouraged and fostered.”