Indian Railways Debunks The Claim of The Viral Video.
Indian Railways Debunks The Claim of The Viral Video.

Indian Railways Debunks The Claim of The Viral Video

Indian Railways Debunks The Claim of The Viral Video.
Indian Railways Debunks The Claim of The Viral Video.

The Viral Video Clip

Indian Railways has come up with a clarification on a viral video doing rounds on various social media platforms. Workers could be seen unloading the parcels from e-commerce companies, like Flipkart, and Amazon with the least care. Parcels could be seen tossed up in the air, sidelined and roughed up from the train compartment in the viral video. The train is reported to be Rajdhani Express covering stations between Dibrugarh and New Delhi. Rajdhani Express was believed to be standing at the Guwahati railway station when the video was filmed.

Social media posts have tried to highlight the manhandling of parcels by railway employees at the station. Users have also reacted by saying the workers should be more careful while unloading the products. The whole episode has portrayed the railways in a bad light.

The Clarification

North Eastern Railways taking note of the viral video, however, come up with a clarification on the incident. North East Railways’ Twitter handle tagging the viral video wrote that the viral clip doing rounds is at least three months old from March, this year and the Railways is not involved in the unloading of parcels carried by third parties on a contract basis.

Northern Railways further clarified in its thread of tweets that, the workers unloading the parcels are workers of respective e-commerce companies. Railways noted in its circular that, the party concerned is responsible for the unloading of parcels according to the freight circular. It also said that taking the note of video the Railway in March in a corrective measure asked such third parties to handle unloading themselves. Dibrugarh Delhi route comes under the North Eastern Railways.

North Eastern Railways Freight Carrying Capacity

North Eastern Railways whose headquarter is based at Gorakhpur saw a sharp hike of 35%  in its freight carrying capacity in the month of May this year. The year exceeded the target by almost 76.43% for the year 2022.

In another viral video coming from Bangladesh, a woman was seen making an attempt to sit on the top of an intercity train in Bangladesh. The successive part of the clip shows fellow passengers probably getting inspiration and could also be seen trying to get a place at the top. The woman comes down only upon the arrival of local cops. Travelling by sitting on the top of the train is considered dangerous.