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Indian used cars start-up launches auto showroom in metaverse
VR-based auto tech firm CarzSo has launched India's first virtual auto showroom. “Users can buy pre-owned cars in the metaverse.

Car in Metaverse

Credits: https://auto.hindustantimes.com/

However, the metaverse isn’t something that lives simply in one’s imagination. Vehicle sales are changing as a result of this technology, which is already in use. This is where it is. CarzSo, an Indian business that specializes in developing virtual reality technology for the automobile sector, has created India’s first metaverse used car store. “It is possible to purchase previously-owned autos in the metaverse. As a result of our staff’s extensive research, we can provide a broad selection of brands and models to our customers “Vaibhav Sharma, CarzSo’s CEO and founder, spoke with the Indian Express in an exclusive interview.

Make use of CarzSo’s search capabilities to find the perfect vehicle for your needs in a matter of minutes with only a few mouse clicks. When searching for a vehicle, customers may narrow their options by model, price range, body type, and other parameters, making it easier for them to find what they want.

Start-up We want to be the first company to successfully launch retail vehicle sales into hyperspace. That is our long-term ambition at Vehicle Tech. NFT-based land is also available for a metaverse focused on the car industry, according to the company.

An online game platform that is built on this concept is the major focus at the moment, according to Sharma Another objective of the company that specializes in automotive technology is to make it easier for users and owners of automobiles to mint or generate new financial tokens. Vehicle owners will benefit from this since they will have unique digital identification for their autos. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that reflect vehicle number plates will also be available to vehicle owners. This will allow them to sell their plates later on for a profit.

The car technology business has already set up a web 2.0 presence to ease the purchase and sale of autos. Virtual reality (VR) and a virtual showroom are being used to create this virtual presence. Due to the new technology, clients will be able to buy autos without ever leaving their houses because of the company’s virtual showroom’s increased accessibility.

“Metaverse had to be implemented rapidly since we were India’s first virtual reality and virtual showroom-based automobile technology firm. However, the timing could not be better given the current momentum the company is experiencing. Finally, as the world’s first web 3.0 company, we can bring our notion to fruition. We are the first firm in the world to specialize in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and meta land for players in the car industry “When asked what Sharma had to say, he replied.



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