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Inflection Point Ventures announces INR 155 Cr corpus for 2021

Inflection Point Ventures

Source: Twitter

Inflection Point Ventures is one of India’s leading angel network that invests in early-stage to mid-stage start-ups. The company has recently announced to raise a corpus worth INR 155 crore for next year, 2021.

The Gurugram-based start-up is a network of over 4000 Chief Experience Officers, High Net-worth Individuals and Family Offices. C-Suite individuals who invest in start-ups under a common banner of Inflection Point Ventures.

In an exclusive report by YourStory, IPV CEO and co-founder, Vinay Bansal said that the company is a sector-agnostic fund that has access to a larger pool of funds through its large network of over 4000 C-Suite lenders. He further added that the start-up is democratising investing from the investors.

Founded back in 2017 by Vinod Bansal, Sumeet Kapur, Vinay Bansal, Mitesh Shah, Sathya Pramod, Ankur Mittal, KS Adarsh Dikshith and Dipanjan Basu, Inflection Point Ventures is democratising angel investing that not only support new start-ups and businesses, early and mid-stage start-ups with capital funding but with its wide network of over 4000 CXOs, family offices and HNIs, it provides newer start-ups with access to a wide variety of newer markets, customer-base, mentorship and guidance. All of these services offered by the company can actually be a real help to start-ups who have just entered the market and lack experience on how to grow and expand their business.

As mentioned in a report by YourStory, the Inflection Point Venture has grown its network every year. It is a SEBI registered Category-1 Alternative Investment fund that funded 9 start-ups in 2018, 15 start-ups in 2019 and over 40 start-ups in 2020. The company has recently raised INR 155 crore for next year which clearly shows how much potential the company carries.

IPV has developed its own unique scorecard to rate start-ups seeking to get funded. The team members invest in start-ups under the banner name Inflection Point Ventures on the recommendation of their network of 4000 experienced investors.

The company is also known as IPV and IP Ventures and it serves its angel investors with a low membership fee, lowest investment ticket size per investor when compared with the rest of the market and a transparent investment process with direct due-diligence from industry experts and IPV’s network of over 4000 CXOs, HNIs and Family Offices.

C-suite leaders from top companies like Myntra, BookMyShow and Tally are also among the IPV network of angel investors.



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