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Instagram Funny Videos and Tagging

In the present world, we are always busy with our workings. As a result, after certain timing it makes us feel boring, clumsy, and monotonous too. Funny videosfunny images, etc. can help us by bringing out the condition. It means these can help us by relieving mental stress. This is not only the reason but also many people enjoy watching funny videos and images for entertainment and they also love tagging their dear friends to share the fun. This is one of the best options to enjoy your leisure time. 

There are several social media websites as well as applications, containing funny videos and images, famous and also, helps to make new connections among users. Instagram is one of those leading platforms, which contains lots of accounts or pages, which are apprehended with funny behind scenes, funny moments, etc. There are different types of videos and images. Some are –

  1. Funny jokes
  2. Funny prank videos
  3. Funny behind scenes
  4. Funny graphics images
  5. Funny short stories.
  6. Funny filters etc.

Joke pages

There are many Instagram pages, filled with jokes. Some of them are 18+ while others are suitable for juveniles too. Users’ ardor usage of the hashtag and countless hashtags can be found affixed with jokes on the pages. There are pages present in different languages. People are often more fond of sharing indigenous jokes and also tag their dearest friends. In the category of funny jokes, there are several different segments, like – memes, one-liner, non-veg jokes, etc. Memes are completely based on current events and memorable events. It sometimes goes trendy and as a result, these type of funny jokes goes viral. However, the other set of jokes are also savored well for general fun.

Funny Videos

This category covers diverse types namely – prank videos, behind scenes, funny expression videos, videos with funny dialogue, etc. Instagram recently introduced a feature, short videos loaded with different filters and numerous motions, like – boomerang, reverse, slow motion, fast forward, etc. At times, videos from other sources are uploaded to Instagram and go viral. Behind the scenes are the most popular of its kind, people share them and often tag their friends for fun. Usually, these kinds of videos are made during the after-shoot time of web series, serials, or movies, while celebrities are having fun. Funny expressions come with funny music and sound effects. These videos are added to video memes. There are several Instagram pages, sharing video memes.

Funny Graphics / Funny Motion Graphics

This is completely a different segment of amusement. Most of the time these types of motion graphics (mainly funny motion graphics) do not contain any music or voice over with it. Mainly it depends upon the type of expression, as well as also goes with memes, which is a famous segment for amusing by tagging. There are also funny clip arts, and funny stickers, used on Instagram, for chatting and having fun. Funny motion graphics, with one kind of expression, usually contains an expression of popular celebrities, representing the humor.


If you feel bored and need to have fun with social media websites you can easily merry your time with websites like putput.net, packed with videos and images or graphics, simply visit PutPut.net with a lot of collections of funny videos and jokes. For more fun, you can tag friends too after all everyone loves a meme. Memes are a great way to increase engagement with your website.




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