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Ex-Microsoft employee jailed for a $10 million attempted fraud

An ex-Microsoft employee was sentenced to spend 9-months in prison. The employee has held accountable for various crimes and the $10 million fraud he attempted against the company. Volodymyr Kvashuk (the employee) was hired as a contractor in Microsoft in 2016 and got fired in 2018 because of the crimes he committed. And now after two years, he was finally sent to jail for 9-months.

Crimes committed by the Ex-Microsoft employee.

Ex-Microsoft employee

The US district court found Volodymyr Kvashuk guilty of money laundering, wire frauds, identity thefts, mail fraud, access device fraud, filing false tax returns and more. Volodymyr Kvashuk worked in the online retail sales platform of Microsoft and used to steal Currency stored value using gift cards and other methods. Using the money he bought a $1.6 Mn lakefront house and a Tesla.

Initially, the employee used to steal less, but as he got addicted to it, the amounts went up. He even used test email accounts of other employees for his crime. The person wasn’t dumb and did take many steps to stop anything from getting traced back to him. He even used the bitcoin mixing service to mask his identity and digital footprint. He showed around $2.8 million in his accounts and said that it was a gift when filing for tax records.

The sentence by the jury

US Attorney Moran said that whatever Kvashuk was doing was already bad enough but framing other employees for this crime is something unforgivable. In an attempt to prevent from getting sentenced to jail, Kvashuk said that his intentions were not to fraud Microsoft. After a 5-day jury trial, the Ex-Microsoft was found guilty.

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