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Instagram promotes Facebook app, telling people about its unique features
Instagram’s success is Facebook app’s demise!

Facebook and Instagram

Source: Viebly

Facebook Inc., the social media conglomerate is the first-generation social media platform that, in a way, created this whole social media game. It was Facebook that truly connected the world through its platform and after years of its success, it has started to feel old and irrelevant. People who used Facebook day and night have stopped using the platform, naturally because of multiple other social media platforms where they can connect with each other. It is not just about Facebook anymore and that is hurting the company’s oldest and primary platform.

Facebook Inc. is a social media conglomerate; it is a big enough company to have the potential to rule for the next few decades but Facebook’s main app is the one that is really struggling to see a bright future and the main reason for that is Instagram.

Instagram, the photo-sharing platform is also owned by Facebook Inc. but billions of users who used to connect on Facebook at one point in time have all migrated to Instagram. Facebook Inc. as a company does not want that to happen and is devising ways to get more people to use the company’s primary social media OG.

According to recent reports, Instagram is running new tests that promote Facebook Inc.’s main app, telling people about the Facebook app’s unique features. The photo-sharing platform is testing with a notice popping up at the top of users’ news feeds, encouraging them to check out Facebook’s native features that are only available on Facebook and can make their life better.

It is clear how the social media giant is desperately wanting more attention on its main app. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, a Facebook spokesperson says that the company is testing out a way to let people who have connected their Instagram accounts with Facebook, know about features that are only available on the primary app. These native features include dating online, buying and selling goods, finding a job, catch up to the latest news, and much more.

Furthermore, Facebook Inc. is making all the efforts to integrate Instagram with Facebook, it started out with Messenger and IG Direct Messages and will get even close in the future. As Engadget mentions in its report, Facebook Inc. is using one of its billion-user apps to promote another billion-user app which clearly reflects the company’s aggressive approach to get the Facebook app back into its glory days.

What do you think? How can Facebook Inc. make Instagram users spend more time on their main app?



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