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Instagram to introduce “Interest Search” for a range of topics


Source: The Verge

Instagram, as you know is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms that has unofficially surpassed Facebook in terms of user engagement. Facebook Inc. is the parent of both Instagram and its core social media platform, and there is a tough competition between the two siblings, if I may say, and Instagram is certainly winning. However, Facebook Inc. must be concerned about the legacy of Facebook but overall, it is the ultimate win of parent Facebook Inc.

Having said that, constant innovation and new features are what’s kept these platforms from falling, especially Instagram. New features have literally revamped the whole user experience on Instagram and once again, the platform is testing something new which will make searching more intuitive.

Yes, Instagram is actively working to make its search feature more intuitive and by intuitive, I mean it will revolutionize how you search for stuff on Instagram. The social media platform is currently testing its “Interest Search” which allows users to search for content on Instagram based on topics rather than hashtags and account name, according to a report by Engadget.

Everyone is used to typing “#dogs” to get posts related to dogs but still, you had to browse through each and every profile and feed before you see what you intended to, in the first place. Instagram is changing this struggle to make the experience more user-friendly and intuitive. As and when the feature finally arrives, users will be able to type “Dogs” in the search bar and get an organized grid with Dog posts, something similar to Pinterest.

Instagram’s latest “Interest Search” feature will mainly focus on topic-based search rather than using hashtags and account names.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram shared a video on Twitter explaining how this new search feature works. He covered multiple topics in the video including, How Instagram ranks Search, How to show up on Search, How Instagram keeps Search safe, and what is new for Search on Instagram.

He mentioned in the video that the new Search will allow users to search for content based on topics, supporting a range of languages. However, the company is still testing this new feature and according to sources, it is internally calling it “Interest Search”. They should probably tag this name as an official for this feature!

Furthermore, Instagram is also in works with a visual search feature that will allow the user to point their Instagram camera on a product to find posts similar to the picture, and maybe, just maybe, Instagram will also integrate this feature with its Shopping tab for a more enriched experience. How cool would it be, just point your camera towards someone’s cool-looking jacket, and voila, you found it on Instagram using Visual Search and you ordered it via Shopping, all in just a few simple clicks.

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