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Intel Purchases 360-Degree Sports Video Replay Specialist

10 March, 2016, USA: Intel is taking another step to enhance its technology and in order to support its move; the company has recently acquired Tel Aviv-based startup ‘Replay Technologies’. With this acquisition, company is aiming to focus more on sports events coverage.

Tel Aviv, which is an Israeli firm who developed Replay Technologies has recently partnered with Intel to showcase its latest technological development called ‘Free Dimension Video System’ (FreeD) for the slam-dunk competition at this year’s NBA All-Star games.

This ‘bullet time’ was created by Replay using Intel’s server technology and 28 ultra high-definition cameras placed around the arena. However, both the companies have not disclosed the financial details of the deal but sources associated with the development revealed that Intel will be paying around US $175 million for the acquisition.

“Intel has been collaborating with Replay since 2013 to optimize their interactive, immersive video content on Intel platforms. As a natural next step in our collaboration, today we’re excited to announce that Intel signed an agreement to acquire Replay Technologies,” said Intel SVP Wendell Brooks in a blog post.



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