iPhone 14

iPhone memes descend over Twitter town

Memes are to Twitter what the sun is to summer. Although it might sound like hyperbole, Twitter town’s relation with memes asks for such poetic exaggerations. Another round of meme showers is in order on Twitter thanks to the leaked reports about the imminent launch of the iPhone 14. The Twitter town is indeed excited about the latest iPhone. However, some users are experiencing slight anachronism owing to the fact that they are still stuck in the iPhone 6 phase. A new addition to the long line would only reduce these users’ chances of getting to the recent phase. As usual, the rather comical grievances have taken the form of hilarious memes.

iPhone 14


Memes All The Way

Whether it be happy news or sad, Twitter town’s first response is always memes. Let us flip through some of the hilarious memes that have been sprouting on Twitter like mushrooms during monsoon. One can never have too much of memes.

The Byronic melancholy. Talk about sadness becoming poetic.

And then there are some souls who are yet to reach the iPhone 6 phase

Now that is indeed poetic.

Small sacrifices.

Pretty accurate.

Old school charm

About time?


Now that is indeed suspicious

Is that an order or a request?

The ‘last straw’ visualized