IronLady supports women entrepreneurs through their leadership programs and mentorship

Rajesh Bhat is the CEO and founder at IronLady
Rajesh Bhat is the CEO and founder at IronLady

Rajesh Bhat is the CEO and founder at IronLady – high-impact business leadership programs for women based on art of war and strength-based excellence delivered by accomplished entrepreneurs, CXOs and practicing professionals. The company trains 4000 women per month through their online programs. Rajesh is an inspiration to the youth of the country – as an educator, young entrepreneur, and a visionary leader. He has most certainly emerged as an influential leader in the space of Education and Training.

Iron Lady was founded in 2016 by Rajesh Bhat who is the ex-CEO of Head Held High and winner of the CNN-IBN award. Rajesh brought together a team of like-minded veteran industry leaders to give an impetus to the cause of women leadership. Hails from a small village in Sirsi, Karnataka. After completing his engineering, he started working as a software engineer for an Infosys incubated Company called On Mobile. At the age of 25, in 2007, Rajesh decided to move away from the Software Industry and dedicate the rest of his life to enable the youth and children of the country to become more capable. With the above vision, he helped start the Head Held High Foundation in 2007.

He has rich academic as well as field knowledge for over 20 years and has been excelling in every project he takes up or is assigned with.

In addition to a champion of building women leadership in business, Rajesh Bhat is also an excellent team leader by nature and a versatile Business entrepreneur who is enthusiastically committed towards building value generating ventures in the emerging global business markets. His vision is to create shared value ecosystems and to promote sustainability in the work culture and employee-employer relationship,  also achieving admired C-Suite and Board positions.

According to Rajesh Bhat, Founder & CEO of IronLady, “Every woman has her own career challenges starting from her teenage until she becomes a board member. We identify, nurture, and assist women through their careers to achieve an admired board position. Our expertise lies in strengthening their skills, day to day challenges, Mentoring and deep hand holding women through their journey, providing ongoing community support and leadership skills.” We are building a team of experienced and dedicated professionals and focusing on women empowerment. Other organizations believe that Diversity remains the basis of women leader development programs worldwide. In contrast, we believe that women are inherently blessed to create the new leadership order keeping the virtues of Empathy, Emotion and Energy at the center as against Logic and Linearity as it is prevailing today.