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Is betting on games true?

Dota 2 is one of the most popular esports disciplines in the world and simply the most interesting online MOBA game in Betwinner. This genre has taken the very best features of strategy and RPGs and combined them into a spectacular team game that has captivated millions of gamers. During the quarantine period of 2020, Dota 2, along with all esports, won a place in the TOP-5 most popular betting types for bettors.

The essence of the game

The meaning of all games of the genre is the same – to destroy the main enemy building, which is located at the other end of the map and is guarded by a number of defensive structures. Play team by team, 5 players on each side. At the beginning, each player chooses a hero for himself, and also bans for the opponent to choose one more. Dota has more than a hundred unique characters with different characteristics and skills.

During the game, the heroes develop abilities and strengthen their power with the help of game items and spells. Dota offers players an almost unlimited number of combinations of artifact builds that make each rink unique. Artifact gathering materials, resources, and experience are gained in fights with creeps and neutrals in the early stages of the game.

Each character has a role:

  • Carries (the main heroes of the team) are slow to develop, but very strong in the final phase of the game;
  • Supports are designed to help carry in leveling and protect him;
  • Foresters are needed to farm resources in forests;
  • Tanks absorb most of the damage;
  • Escapers quickly move around the map, initiators start a fight and work over a large area;
  • Pushers fight enemy creeps and defensive structures.

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Dota 2 Features

Dota 2 began its successful march in the gaming world on July 9, 2013. This day is considered the official date of birth of the game. Events in the strategy unfold on the battle arena. Two teams of players (each with five people) converge in a duel. At the same time, one team plays for the side of Light, the other – for Darkness. The main task facing the teams is to capture and destroy the enemy’s fortress (one’s own tower must be defended and kept intact).

The game is controlled using the computer keyboard and mouse. Each of the ten gamers participating in the fight controls their own character, chosen at the very beginning of the game. Each hero has his own unique, striking abilities, and individual characters and their fighting qualities can complement each other.

During the match, players earn experience and points, collect various items, increasing the level of their heroes. When an enemy character is eliminated, the player receives the most experience points. On the map, the heroes move along the lines-roads, which the “smog of war” completely does not allow seeing.

Such an interesting plot and the whole process of the game make the strategy an incredibly exciting spectacle for gamers, fans, spectators, and bettors who bet on various outcomes.

What are the rates

Bookmakers, who have long known the huge demand for Dota 2, offer users to prove themselves in the field of predictions and earn money from it. Currently, bookmakers present customers with numerous different betting options, including:

  • for the team that will win (formats b01, b03, b05);
  • the one who wins in one round:
  • on the number of character kills;
  • “first blood” – money is placed on the one who first eliminates one of the opponent’s heroes;
  • “First Roshan” – who will be the first to destroy the main monster.

In addition to the listed types, there are many other bets. For example, in some bookmakers only on Dota 2 there are several dozen of them.

Recommendations for beginners

If you are betting on Dota 2 matches for the first time, here are a few tips to help you not lose money. The most important recommendations:

  • Take seriously the choice of a reliable bookmaker, study the information about it, as well as user reviews.
  • Do not put all finances on a rhinestone, limit yourself to a small amount for the first time.
  • Bet only on the top teams that win the most and show the best results in tournaments.

Visit betting sites, invest wisely and be lucky!

Questions and answers

Dota 2 bets with things?

In parallel, other betting areas of Dota 2 are developing: betting with things – skins, in-game items and currency. Some offices are ready to provide such services, but so far there are relatively few of them. The most famous Dota 2 betting sites are lootbet, dota2bestyolo, bets4.fun and bets4.pro. The transfer of things happens through steam.

The best strategy?

Dota 2 is a very unpredictable and situational discipline. It is very difficult to make pre-match bets on it, except perhaps on the outcome of the rink, when you know the teams playing very well. A good Dota 2 betting strategy is also based on the statistics of teams or even game characters

What is the margin?

The margin for all esports in legal offices is approximately the same level – from 5 to 8%. On average, 6-7% can be considered the norm. The limits are not yet amazing – at best, 15-20 thousand rubles for the main line of events, and even less for an additional painting.



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