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Is Bingo Popular In India?

For over half a century, bingo has made its mark in various corners of the world, with the USA being the first country to adopt the game.

This spread to the UK in the 1950s, where you saw the likes of Mecca and then Gala become two of the most notable brands, with hundreds of traditional bingo halls around the country.

While this became very popular and arguably still is today, the emergence of online bingo has led to many more possibilities and attracted significantly more players, and continues to do so.

There are also hundreds of different sites where players can very easily find an online bingo platform, with many being available at www.bingosites.net where there is a lot of variety.

Former British colony, India, has also in fact seen the game increase in popularity recently. Currently, gambling legislation is complicated in India, though what is clear is that there is definitely a market there. However, there are many sites that people who wish to play bingo online can access offshore.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why the game is attractive for players in India.

It is fun and social

The availability of chatrooms on bingo websites that people in India can access means that this adds a more social element to the game, where it is possible to chat with other players.

Bingo is traditionally a social game anyway when you consider the bingo hall format, where players would go for more of the occasion. This has translated in a sense to online and as a result, this has helped to add to the overall experience.

Earning potential

Many bingo games have some sizeable jackpots and this is another reason why players in India find the game attractive. For just a nominal fee, players can significantly see this translated into a huge amount, if they are lucky. In addition to this, games are usually available on a regular basis!

Play from wherever you want

Being able to play the game from the comfort of your own surroundings is an attractive reason for bingo players in India.  This is due to the impressive mobile technology that is available which allows for freedom of movement.

Also, WiFi technology and availability are both improving all the time in India and this helps to make it even more convenient. 

What has led to bingo popularity in India?

There are a number of things that have led to people in India becoming attracted to the game, though one of those, in particular, was the ‘National Bingo Night’ that was on television in the country, which broke all records. 

This significantly helped to raise awareness of the game and as a result of this, attracted a lot of interest. The television show was broadcast by Bollywood icon Abishek Bachchan which also helped.  

Over time, if more legislation lifts, it could see bingo in India become even more popular, especially when considering the advancements in technology in the country over the last few years.



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