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Is Gaming Good For Kids?

Is Gaming Good For Kids?

Kid gaming

Research suggests that online gaming can create and maintain friendships and deep human connections, they say. ‘It’s fun and fun is important for our overall wellbeing. kids tell their parents that every day they enjoy gaming with their friends.

I find it bad that some parents do say no to unplugged activities, such as building a fortress out of branches. But I have a good feeling for the little bit of socialization that they get and that gives the kid great pleasure.

The best way to learn is to be a learner and have fun at the same time. Video games are a natural teacher of this. They are able to make difficult subjects such as maths fun. Having fun gives your children the motivation to keep practicing, which is the only way to really learn a skill.

In addition, according to a long-term study published in 2013, adolescents who report on strategic video games such as role-playing improve problem-solving and school grades in subsequent years. Children’s creativity is encouraged when they play any type of video game, including violent games, but not when they use other forms of technology such as computers and mobile phones, as other research has shown.

A group of researchers recently published a study examining protective factors that enable adolescents to enjoy the healthy play. It turns out that there are many skills and habits that children can practice to stay healthy. The overwhelming majority of young players play games, according to an anonymous source. They do their homework, fulfill their responsibilities, and have other interests besides playing with friends.

You can help your child develop healthy play habits before they even start playing video games. When your child is young, the best way to help them develop a healthy gambling habit is to play games with them or watch them play. Your child can have fun and make the most of games, but they should also develop a healthier gaming habit and make good decisions about video games, online games, and gaming apps.

Remember that the play should not take place until your child has completed his other tasks for the day. Be sure to check the quality and completeness of homework and homework before allowing your child to start playing. Playing video games is a privilege you have to earn.


Granic’s rules of the game: Her 14-year-old twin boys have unlimited time for video games after 8 p.m. After dinner, they can do their homework, practice musical instruments, program, or read part of a novel that can last for hours. After work, there is a 90-minute video game evening.

For more than a decade, the vast majority of children in the United States have been involved in video games since childhood.

On the other hand, some psychologists point out that video games have many advantages, but bear in mind that the nature of video games has changed in the last decade and has become more complex, diverse, realistic, and social.

We have already talked about the consequences of spending too much time playing games, which are an important aspect of children’s lives. This is one of the negative consequences of extensive and ruthless preoccupation with video games.

There have been cases of teenagers committing violent crimes after spending a lot of time playing video games, such as the Columbine and Newport cases. It seems that violent people (and it happens that many violent people) enjoy playing violent video games.

Many of the games for which children are rewarded are violent. A child can control violence by witnessing it with his own eyes, by killing, kicking, stabbing, and shooting.

If your child is playing at a level that causes harm, there is likely to be at least one negative consequence: a deterioration in your relationship with him. Positive reinforcement of play-free activities is a way to improve your relationship and is particularly rewarding for children.

If you are worried about your children, it is a good idea to seek professional advice. Try talking to your GP or school counselor. For example, you may be concerned that your child is moody, withdraws from friendships, or does not perform well at school.

Before you buy or download a game, check the product reviews. Tablets and smartphone games are highly valued and influenced by game developers, so it is best to play them carefully before giving your children access.

While console-based games like Nintendo and PlayStation have been popular with children for decades, tablets, smartphones, and computers have made on-screen electronic games more accessible and affordable than ever. While exact figures for Canadian children are not available, research in the United States in 2011 found that 91% of American children play video games, with their tablets being the most popular.

It is important for parents to ensure that their children find ways to exercise at the moment. Workout-oriented games like Nintendo’s Re-Fit Adventure can help, but there’s no digital substitute for real fresh air.



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