Is It Possible to Terminate My Online Casino Account?

Online casinos can be a lot of fun and a way to relax or wind up being a pain in your side. Thankfully, you have some options when it comes to terminating your online casino account – no matter where you play.

Good Reasons for Terminating an Account

There are plenty of reasons why you might decide to leave an online casino: better options elsewhere, you’re bored, you’re developing unhealthy behaviors, or you’ve simply had enough.

When a Casino Doesn’t Offer What it’s Promised

There may be a number of justifiable reasons you might want to close your account with an online casino. Perhaps it doesn’t offer what it initially promised. Or, you might have experienced far from helpful customer assistance with a query or dispute. It could also be simply discovering better casino bonuses elsewhere and wanting to do away with multiple accounts with various operators. With the variety of well-established and reputable names out there, it’s a fact that online casinos have never needed to up the ante as much as they do now. Fortunately, with big names like KingsChance Casino, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best, well-rounded online gambling experience.

You feel like you have Developed an Unhealthy Addiction

Playing online casinos is all fun and games until it isn’t. If you feel like playing online casinos is negatively impacting your life – perhaps on your work performance, on the relationships with those closest to you, or having a serious effect on your bank balance – then it might be time to pull the pin. There are many resources out there on how to gamble responsibly, so perhaps look at putting in place some ways to help cut or kick the habit.

You’ve Simply Moved on

We all move on from things in our lives; people, places, technologies, games, you name it! When you’ve simply moved on, it sometimes feels like ending a chapter – and you want to tie it up neatly by closing your account.

How to Terminate an Account

There are various ways in which you can exit an online casino. Here are just a few of the options available – they will vary by jurisdiction so make sure to take a look at the fine print to see what’s available and the in-depth how-tos.

Self Exclusion

Self-exclusion allows you to say to the casino that you would no longer like to play for real money bets. The casino may have a stripped-back offering, which would allow you to continue to play slots and casino games for fake money. The self-exclusion period can generally be set by you for a certain amount of time. Physical casinos also offer self-exclusion programs.

Removing Payment Methods at the Casino

If you are struggling with pouring too much real life cash into a casino, then a good way to stop the splurge is by removing all your payment methods. This is particularly true if you are playing with credit cards, which can turn into a tricky cycle.

Removing your Casino Account Altogether

If you’ve really had it with a particular online casino, then you can delete your whole account there. Each casino will have a different process, so you’ll have to get stuck into the help files online. Do be aware that if you decide to join that online casino again, you may have to pass their onboarding (such as age and location verification, etc,) and you may have any of your previous account info wiped.