Is there any chance for TikTok to come back to India?

It’s been almost 3 months since the TikTok ban on 29th June in India. All TikTok fans and users have been speculating about the platform’s return since the day of the ban. But, Is there any chance for TikTok to come back to India? If yes, how? Let’s see what things the company needs to do to go come to the country.

Can TikTok come back to India?

To answer this question, let’s go to the US Ban of TikTok about which you can read here. Now coming back to the point, TikTok is trying to sell and get a good value of its US operations. If Oracle or some other US company like Microsoft acquires its operations, then there is a good possibility that it might come back.

TikTok to come back in India

Similarly, if an Indian company acquires TikTok’s India operations, then yes, there is a chance for TikTok to come back to India. There were reports that TikTok’s parent company Bytedance is in talks with Reliance to take hold of their India operations.

If such a thing happens, it will be a great move. Because if TikTok’s huge base and Mukesh Ambani’s money is combined, the app can take massive strides forward. Seeing the considerable reach of TikTok, even Facebook and Google might try to acquire their operations. Heck, even Flipkart and Walmart might take a chance to acquire TikTok.

Problems that come with TikTok’s sale

The biggest problem that comes with Tiktok is its Chinese ties. Eyeing on the geo-political tension between India and China, there is a huge possibility that the government might not even consider the option of an Indian company buying TikTok’s India operations.

TikTok to come back in India

Another obstacle in TikTok’s sale is that China is adamant in shutting down the company but not selling it. The Chinese government also says that they won’t allow TikTok’s proprietary algorithms to go outside China and, “This means that if Reliance or any other consortium buys out Indian operations, they will be buying a car without the key secret component—the engine.”

Another big problem with these media apps is that they rely a lot on user data. This makes them all the more controversial. Some Reddit user reported that after reverse engineering TikTok he found out that the app is more intrusive than even Facebook and Google. This has a huge depth because Facebook has always been known for notoriously monitoring users.

Well, if TikTok can work with the government to release tensions about its security, then it might come back soon. But, it’s difficult to say because every day some other controversy seems to light up about these Chinese apps.

So, I don’t know if there any chance for TikTok to come back to India? If you are an avid user of the platform, you have to wait and see what happens. Though I feel if an Indian company acquires it, a lot of these issues are going to water away but, till then, no TikTok.

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