ISS requests that the pay packages for CEO Tim Cook and other executives be approved by Apple shareholders.

Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), a proxy advisory service, has recommended investors in Apple Inc. to support its board nominations and the compensation packages for key executives, including Chief Executive Tim Cook. On March 10, Apple will conduct its annual shareholder meeting. The ISS position was released by the company on Friday in a research note. Previously, the iPhone maker had reduced Cook’s salary target for 2023 by more than 40% to $49 million. According to the company’s regulatory filings, Cook’s pay will also be more influenced by how well the company’s shares do in comparison to their market counterparts.

To ensure that pay magnitude is backed by ongoing solid performance by the company, ISS wrote in a note that “continuous monitoring of the pay programme is needed.” The company’s management opposed both of the proxy advice firm’s other recommendations, which included a resolution requiring a report on the median gender and racial pay discrepancies and an update to the proxy access right.

Support for the request for a report on the median gender and racial pay disparity is necessary, according to ISS, because it would enable investors to assess the success of the company’s diversity and inclusion activities and how it is addressing associated risks. According to the letter, the proposed modification to the proxy access right will strengthen the company’s current shareholder benefit while retaining nomination process safeguards.

Corporate governance experts claim that historically, shareholder proposals that receive more than roughly 25% of the vote tend to press the board to implement reforms. Apple shareholders rejected a motion asking the business to disclose its gender and racial pay discrepancies at the company’s annual meeting last year with 66.4% of the vote.


Since 2011, Timothy Donald Cook has served as Apple Inc.’s CEO. Cook was born in the United States on November 1, 1960. Under co-founder Steve Jobs, Cook previously held the position of chief operational officer for the business. Cook became a senior vice president for global operations when he joined Apple in March 1998. Later, he was promoted to executive vice president for global sales and operations. Prior to Jobs’ passing in October of that year, on August 24, 2011, he was appointed CEO.

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Apple’s CEO is Tim Cook, who assumed control of the business in 2011 following the cancer diagnosis of co-founder Steve Jobs. During Apple’s recovery, the visionary Jobs and novel products like the iMac, iPod, and iPhone gained a lot of media attention, but Cook’s successful restructuring of the business’ supply chain and operations was equally important.