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Jack Dorsey’s tweet buyer is detained in Iran

Sometime back, when the NFT craze was just building up, Jack Dorsey put up his first tweet on sale as a token. The token fetched $2.9 million, which was then used for charity work by Jack through Bitcoin. The name of Jack Dorsey’s tweet buyer is Sina Estavi, who has been reportedly detained in Iran recently. The verified account to Bridge Oracle has a tweet pinned on it that on translation reads:

“The owner of this account was arrested on charges of disrupting the economic system by order of Special Court for Economic Crimes. Official judicial authorities will provide additional information.”

What happened?

There hasn’t even much official information regarding what happened, and it is even true. But something fishy is going on here. According to the tweet, the owner of the BRG token has been detained due to some illicit activities. Do note that the personal account of Sina Estavi has no pinned tweet, and the last reply through his account was made on 17th May. That means if something did happen, it would have been later that day.

The reason for Sina’s visit to Iran might be the blockchain company and crypto exchange that he has been running. Reports suggest that his exchange crypto land was active in Iran, and it is probable that the exchange might have broken any law of the country.

After this happened, the token BRG went down by 65% in a matter of few hours. And it is difficult to say whether recovery will happen until more information on the matter is out. It seems that Sina Estavi has been caught in deep waters this time around as he doesn’t particularly have a very clean history. The man was sued by the CEO of Bitcoin.com, Mate Tokay, after he was unable to pay for the services, according to Mate.

Do you think that Jack Dorsey’s tweet buyer, Sina Estavi, has actually been detained in Iran? And if yes, what could be the reason behind that? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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