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Jack’s company Block is building an open Bitcoin mining system

Jack Dorsey’s company, Block, is building an open Bitcoin mining system. Last year during October, Jack announced that his company is planning to enter the BTC mining industry. And they are finally here now. The idea behind building such a system is to make it efficient and suitable for home use. This includes easy purchase, setting up, and maintenance of the device. This could be a game-changer in this industry as households can have it plugged up and generate a good amount of passive income. At the same time, this will make Bitcoin even more decentralized.

The open Bitcoin mining system

Jack Dorsey and Tom Templeton (Hardware General Manager) have recently discussed putting the company’s focus on the mining industry. The current chip shortage means if Block is able to build something compelling and maintain an adequate supply, there will be incredible demand. But the goal is not only to make money but help in the growth of Bitcoin. As a company, if they build a product that’s so good that people start installing it at their houses, then Bitcoin will no longer be entirely dependent on large mining companies.

open Bitcoin mining system by Block

Image Source: TechSpot

There are many people who mine crypto at their homes or want to start. For them, the biggest problem comes to finding the right device which is reliable and has good performance. Block’s rig will also solve that. At the same time, it will be quiet, which is a requirement for using it at home.

Block is already taking strides

At present, the best Bitcoin mining out there is the ASIC rigs that give great profits and are used by almost every mining firm. This is why the company is making the team out of ASIC and software designers for their mining device. There will be a lot of other team members as well. It is also expected that the software of the device will be open-source, which will make developments faster and transparent. Since the open Bitcoin mining system by Block will be targeted at retailers and homes, the pricing will be extremely important.

What are your thoughts as Block has finally started its work on the open Bitcoin mining system? And do you think they will come out with something before the end of 2022? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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