Who Says Online Is Just For Clothes? Jewlot Wants To Break The Rules In Style !


According to “Global Gems & Jewelry Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019”, the value of world’s jewellery market is expected to grow at the CAGR of over 5% over the next five years. The global market for jewellery is expected to surpass USD 257 billion in 2017. The market is predominantly driven by the Asia Pacific and the Middle Eastern markets, but U.S. continues to remain the dominant player in the industry.

It is found that people are less focused on buying branded jewellery as they prefer local ones more. Like in India, 96% of the total players in this industry are small family-owned businesses. There are over 2.5 million jewellery shops in India, around 450,000 goldsmiths and 100,000 gold jewelers. Online fashion jewelry sales are projected to take an even bigger slice, capturing 15% of the market by 2020, according to Connecting Dots.

Use of online presence is the best way to reduce shop rents and royalties. It will also help you to stand out in the jewellery business. The main advantage is that it will help you to increase the customers reach.

“I have enough jewelry !” – said no one ever


Inspired by the success of ecommerce market and backed by a rich tradition of craftsmanship that spans for over 50 years is the young energetic team of Jewlot. Jewlot.com is a platform for wide variety of imitation jewelry just for women, with 3000+ designs under their present inventory. Updated on regular intervals with latest arrivals, you get to experience their collection at over 10 categories and their sub-categories (now that’s a lot of jewelry).

Started in May 2016, with a vision to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of every customer, it dates back to 2015. Since then, Jewlot’s inventory has grown in size and to satisfy all tastes and desires, their archives has a rich collection for different occasions with exclusive products representing art, design and culture.

We combine honesty, best quality and business ethics into all aspects of our business. We have a Goal to build good reputation and become a key player in the imitation jewelry industry.

Driven by the purpose to become a leading company in the ecommerce industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability, they have even setup a budget store for the economical standards. Their key mission is to introduce the finest, fashionable jewelry to customers across India, maintaining the spirit of both traditional and innovative designs tied with superb handcraft and quality with the latest expertise.

Jewel Smiths

Coming from a family that has the shades of craftsmanship for 5 decades, are the co-founders of Jewlot, Barath Raam and Ganesh Prasath. Combining the rich tradition with the vigour and passion to sustain in the business, the jewlot founders are determined to make their mark in the industry. There is a thin line between hobby and passion and this team chose passion as their thirst.

We sincerely wanted to build our own kingdom. Build a empire where we can excel our leadership and expose the world what we can do.

Barath Raam, CEO

Many entrepreneurs find themselves pivoting along their career journeys, often by finding a passion that can translate into a business. Mr.Barath Raam’s entrepreneurial journey took such a turn, making the move to bring something new in jewelry world. Today,  his experience and passion for ecommerce business has proved the business world that we can do a lot with the best team and team management.

Jewlot is just not an attempt, its our dream to bring out something new in style.

Ganesh Prasath, MD

He is the mastermind of creating such a passionate business. He is the key player on inventory side. When it comes to business he has demanding build and strong knowledge. No matter what ,he always makes sure the products are at its best quality and affordable price.

Never Give Up !

If you think getting things of our own is very tough and being independent is too tough, then creating your own trademark is a whole new game. Thankfully, jewlot founders are bestowed upon by a passionate team of ten who strive to give the best at its best. They focus more on the quality of the product and this beautifully depicted in their focus on the website’s content.

We don’t work as a team, we work as a family and we make sure we take good care of every customer with lot of focus.

Dreaming a dream is easy, but making it a reality is difficult. To achieve that dream, experience doesn’t matter but it is the eagerness to learn that plays key role. Jewlot team ensures that they are surrounded by experts, they work hard and remain professional at all cost.

Our team and management strongly face all hurdles together and we really work on the motto Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

The entire team’s spirit is the trust they have for each other and they strive to prove themselves as someone who can be trusted and regarded as genuine business makers.

Expect The Unexpected

Being an entrepreneur gives you freedom. There is deep satisfaction and pride in seeing your ideas become reality. All the struggles you undergo when setting up your startup vanishes when you see your real first order and for Jewlot team that one true smile will never fade in their journey.

We want every mom, daughter, sister, friend, wife to stay happy always as they are the one who make sure our home is happy.

They are currently in the run to flood our inventory with lots of new collections and varieties. Gearing up for the future, they are looking for funds as they are simultaneously planning to expand their wings in many different market channels. Here is a look at the Jewlot’s journey !

The team is quite excited about this new adventure and are hoping to see themselves in a place where they are going to be a role model to the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.