Jio Cloud Gaming finally launched in India
Jio Cloud Gaming finally launched in India

Jio Cloud Gaming finally launched in India
India telecom giant, Jio launches its new Cloud Gaming platform in India, do checkout:

Jio Cloud Gaming finally launched in India
Jio Cloud Gaming finally launched in India

Over the years, Reliance Jio has introduced several items. Starting with its new Jio sim, the company expanded into the telecom industry, introducing new smartphones and laptops, and now offering new 5G connection options.

With its product selection already spent, it appears like Jio is going to expand into all other sectors, beginning with gaming. Furthermore, Jio’s action plainly indicates that they anticipate huge development in the area of gaming technologies.

Currently, the technology behemoth intends to broaden its technological reach into other industries. For the time being, Jio appears to be plotting its entry into the gaming sector, which sounds promising after the business introduced its new Cloud Gaming platform.

Jio launches Cloud Gaming platform

Jio’s cloud gaming service has been officially launched with the goal of giving the finest game experience for growing amateur and professional gamers in the country. Currently, the Jio cloud gaming platform has given the go-ahead to launch the beta version of the platform, which has been officially dubbed “JioGamesCLoud.”

During beta testing, Jio will invite a select players to test their platform and provide comments to assist and expand the platform. This gaming platform is now available on Android cellphones through the JioGames application. Additionally, players will be able to access the service via their PC or Mac.

There are also plans for Jio to increase support for the JioGamesCloud service via its Jio set-up box. We will soon see support for this cloud gaming service on this set-up-box.

It has been speculated that Jio will be adding much such hardware as well as software capabilities, including support for the NVIDIA GeForce Now for Indian users.

How many games are available within the JioCloud Gaming platform?

As of now, the cloud platform is in Beta, but it still offers up to 50+ titles on its platform, and we will soon see this service expand to accommodate additional games with the assistance of the Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming platform.

How can you apply for Jio Cloud Gaming Beta? 

If you want to be a part of the JioCloud Gaming platform and help build it, Jio has made it possible for every single gamer in the country to sign up for their beta testing program of this service.

If you’re wondering how to join up for this service, you may do so straight through the website using the link provided above. You may immediately touch on Get Started in the upper right corner and then choose the devices listed in the list. You will now be able to choose between a smartphone, PC, and a Set-Up-Box. You may also go straight to the game you wish to play.