JPMorgan invested in Defi pilot project
JPMorgan invested in Defi pilot project

JPMorgan invested in Ethereum based Defi pilot project

JPMorgan, the bank which was at the forefront in being the critique of cryptocurrency or blockchain or digital fintech solution investments has finally altered its stand and invested in a pilot project of Decentralized Finance, the bank completed its first crypto investment in the project based out of polygon,

This polygon is considered as 2 layer network from the Ethereum and Technology the platform polygon has been constructed to scale the potentials of Ethereum along with the developmental version of aave protocol. This project will help to work on the decentralized finance payment system, in which there is no need for any third-party service required for lending and borrowing money.

JPMorgan invested in Defi pilot project
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What is JPMorgan?

JP Morgan is one of the largest investment banks in the US. JP Morgan Bank started its operation in 2000 and today is considered one of the largest financial services organizations in the US. Considering the recent fall of the crypto market the CEO of JP Morgan Bank Jamie Dimon, Has been constantly skeptical about the performance of decentralized cryptocurrencies and blockchain Technologies.

Dimon also showed his disinterest in technology and called cryptocurrency and all of its allied Technologies a Ponzi scheme in one of his speeches. 

Who is involved in this pilot project?

The JP Morgan Bank along with Singapore DBS bank and SBI digital of Japan in collaboration with Singapore exchange digital asset platform Marketnode and one state investor from Singapore, temask, have you joined this Defi pilot project.

The Onyx, Which is the blockchain division for wholesale payments at the JP Morgan foreign exchange deposits processed the payment for this pilot project with the help of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. 

What is aave Defi?

The platform is based on the Ethereum technology. The platform helps to carry out the instant loan of the cryptocurrencies for which the collateral of the process like other temperatures can be considered. The aave Defi platform works as an aggregator and like a traditional bank works as a source of cryptocurrency in the form of loans for lenders and borrowers.

What is Defi technology?

Decentralized finance technologies are considered the cheapest source of monetary transfer. Along with that they are considered efficient in terms of the speed of transactions compared to traditional banking solutions. This Defi Finance technology is considered as the mixture of blockchain Technology and Financial Technologies. 

The Decentralized finance technology is considered the future payment solution because of its global approach and efficiency approach for the fintech sector.