Kamasutra NFT
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KamaSutra joins forces with Bobble AI to launch NFTs in sexual wellness category
Being a pioneering brand that is reckoned for introducing the concept of sex as a pleasure to India today joined forces with Bobble AI.

Kamasutra NFT
Credits: https://thenewsstrike.com/

NFT is now available in Kamasutra’s sexual health product line. To promote sexual wellbeing, the company teamed with Bobble AI, a conversational media network with 65 million members worldwide.

The proceeds from this year’s NFT will be donated to Pathfinder International, a global non-profit dedicated to sexual and reproductive health.

The program aims to make the company and its goods more appealing to Millennials and Generation Z.

Pooja Sehgal, Chief Marketing Officer of Raymond Consumer Care, remarked on Kamasutra’s debut into NFT, saying, “With our industry-first breakthrough into the NFT sector, Kamasutra has entered the Web 3.0 world as a well-known brand with memorable campaigns, and it can only get better from here. Excellent collaboration and the use of cutting-edge technology are required to build the brand experience of the future. We’re thrilled to be working with Madison and Bobble AI, two platforms are known for their innovative thinking and proclivity for delivering rich, multi-sensory experiences.

Kamasutra’s conversational media marketing strategy started with the production of nine stickers with the Kamasutra brand name and insignia. These stickers may be used to promote Kamasutra’s delectable condoms on major chat platforms.

Following the success of the first round of stickers, the three best-performing stickers were chosen for the campaign’s second phase, which included three new NFTs.

These NFTs have been marketed on the social media channels of Kamasutra and Bobble AI.

“We are forging new ground and exploring new possibilities in the VUCA environment with Kamasutra,” stated Vandana Ramakrishna, COO of Madison Media Ace, which coordinated this relationship. This is where we’ll begin. The Metaverse has the potential to significantly transform our understanding of the digital world. Future brands will be able to test a wide range of innovative, integrated experiences. We are thrilled to help our business reach new heights and partner with them as they enter the Metaverse.

Ankit Prasad, Co-Founder, and CEO of Bobble AI commented on the cooperation with Kamasutra, saying, “We promise our support for the brand’s goal of empowering Generation Z to develop sexual health information. Huh. We’re working with several companies to make conversations more enjoyable, whether via stickers, GIFs, or other ways. We’re taking it a step further in the Metaverse thanks to our collaboration with Kamasutra. Customers will be able to buy NFTs from nft.bobble.ai and use Bobble AI stickers in everyday interactions.

In the first month of the Bobble AI platform, three of the nine stickers generated 6.5 million impressions and over 55,000 shares.

Kamasutra condoms in banana, strawberry, and orange flavors were included in the sticker packs.