Sylvester Stallone’s PlanetSLY NFT Makes History on June
Sylvester Stallone's PlanetSLY NFT Makes History on June 22nd. Largest NFT Drop to Accept Credit Card Payments. NEW YORK, NY.


— New York, NY (BUSINESS WIRE) – June 9, 2022 On June 22nd, Sylvester Stallone, a Hollywood legend, will be celebrated! Stallone’s NFT may be purchased in a matter of seconds by anybody using a credit card, regardless of previous knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

With the Crossmint platform, Sylvester Stallone fans may purchase his upcoming PlanetSLY NFT collection in only one minute using their email address and credit card. For Stallone’s large worldwide fan base, SlyGuy NFTs may now be purchased with a credit card instead of cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets. Because of this, the Stallone NFT collection is likely to be the biggest success of the year. A non-acceptance profit’s of credit cards has plummeted to record lows.

9.997 generative digital artworks honor his life and career as a film actor in PlanetSLY NFT. Fans will be able to get even closer to Stallone thanks to the NFTs, which will provide them with ever-increasing opportunities to contact with the actor.

With the limited-edition NFT effort, blockchain-based collectibles will be combined with physical collectibles (IRL). Fans and collectors of NFT may join the PlanetSLY community, which is operated by Stallone. In the creation of PlanetSLY, Sylvester Stallone is a key player. Rocky’s star, Sylvester Stallone, is the first American actor to have six consecutive top-grossing box office outings.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, will begin selling SLYGuy NFTs. To get first dibs on an SLYGuy NFT, thousands of Stallone fans have signed up on the SLY-List.

“Despite the fact that NFTs seem to be nothing more than simple displays, we know they are much more than that. There are a plethora of applications and possibilities for NFTs. It is because to celebrities like Sylvester Stallone that 99.9% of people have had their eyes opened to cutting-edge technologies they were previously unaware of. Stallone and his PlanetSLY NFT line are trailblazers who use their power to recruit and educate a new generation of customers about the products they’ve produced “The co-founder of Crossmint, Rodri Fernandez Touza, made the observation.

Customers of PlanetSLY NFT are eligible to participate in the Ultimate Sylvester Stallone Experiment, which includes a meal with the actor in Florida. If you can’t make it to the NFT.NYC Launch Party in New York City, you can still acquire some PlanetSLY swag.

The Ultimate Sylvester Stallone Experience will include 25 Golden Signature Edition SLYGuy NFTs signed and numbered by Stallone in an exclusive collaboration with OpenSea.

Visit for more information about SLYGuys and PlanetSLY. While there, you can also join up for the SLY-List to get early access to the SLYGuy NFT store.