Know The Keyideas Behind ‘Indian Rail PNR Status & IRCTC’ Mobile App !


Growth and funding has been the talk of the time in today’s economy. Indian Railways operate around 20,000 trains daily with 12,000 passenger trains carrying 23 million travellers every day. India with a population of 1.2 billion gives rise to a whole new market of railway booking. Indian Railway has been the preferred mode of travel for Indians and hence attracts a huge number of players. One such player is Delhi-based Keyideas Infotech, a fast growing app development company, started by Shreyes Kejariwal, CEO and founder.

Over the years rail booking has already witnessed high online penetration of 50% but through Keyideas ‘Indian Rail PNR Status & IRCTC’ there is an effort to conquer the remaining underpenetrated areas of Indian Railways. Funding activities grew by 125% compared to last year and the number of investors has also increased.

Keyideas will see an international funding worth $1Mn from some high net worth individuals by the year end. The app company plans to use the fund in revenue generating areas like advertisement based businesses, marketing, product enhancement and increase its base in other cities. It will also be used for expansion of the company’s flagship product.

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In India around 25 million passengers are on the move daily. Apps like ‘Indian Rail PNR Status & IRCTC App’ from Keyideas enables train commuters to make informed decisions, instantly regarding their train travel. With increased smartphone adoption and with their unique approach, the app has made booking of railways ticket much safer and faster. Finding a confirmed ticket in Indian Railways is a very big challenge specially after standing in a long queue. The travel app is an endeavor to optimize your travel by providing an online service.

Here is a complete timeline of their journey !

‘Indian Rail PNR Status & IRCTC App’ is a comprehensive mobile app which gives all Indian train related details. The app features an online ticketing system on the Indian Railways. It is a free mobile app, has got all the features in one pack, developed on both Android and iOS platforms and is extremely popular. With this hassle free mobile app, passengers can do reservations on any of the trains and on any class in just couple of clicks.

It is a new age product made by Indians for fellow Indians, which judiciously harnesses the power of smartphones, data analytics and mobile payments making life easy for millions of Indians. The app is well designed in terms of user interface, visual effect and users enjoy using the app.

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Millions of train travellers in India make unfamiliar travel selections spending uselessly, on both time and money. Their goal is to reach out to thousands of Indian travellers and bridge the information and service gaps. With the leadership of their thought leaders, Keyideas has created a world-class consumer product in the travel segment providing a great online booking experience to millions of train travellers in India.

IRCTC App is a hit investment of Keyideas in the travel space. The app intends to provide real-time booking related information about any Indian train. With its second year of the launch, the app has crossed 3 million plus downloads with a large user base and has more than 28,000 reviews. With a rating of around 4.3, the mobile platform daily serves 500,000 active users approximately. The company is extensively marketing its app to cross the 5Mn download benchmark, in the next few months.

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They plan to start a major enhancement project in the near future, which would help them to acquire new users. A whopping 90% of the traffic on their app is recurring and is using the app regularly. The app is experiencing significant growth every month and special during the festival seasons. Their long-term vision is to use big data and algorithm to make the train booking process more seamless and easier.

They are in the process of delivering high quality apps and plan to enhance their app with never-thought-before train related features. The app has achieved its goal as it able to make train travelling more convenient, productive and enjoyable for millions of Indians. These apps have positively impacting the lifestyle of citizens involved. Indian companies are now creating innovative technology solutions that are addressing the key social problems that India is facing and in turn creating significant growth opportunities. But there is a long way to go, before India can catch up with the west!