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Korean Prosecutors Move to Freeze $67 Million in BTC Linked to Do Kwon, in Terra investigation

Korean specialists have allegedly requested two top cryptographic money trades to freeze a few assets connected to the Luna Establishment Watchman (LFG) and Do Kwon, the President of TerraForm Labs and the organizer behind the crashed algorithmic stable coin, TerraUSD (UST) and Land LUNA. A sum of 3,313 BTC were shipped off these two trades.


The report has it that KuCoin and OKX crypto trades have been mentioned by examiners right now researching the May implode of the Land biological system to freeze the Bitcoin (BTC) resources shipped off their trades from a wallet having a place with the Luna Establishment Gatekeeper (LFG), which has Do Kwon as the head.


As uncovered by an on-chain logical stage CryptoQuant, a wallet was made on Binance bearing the personality Luna Establishment Gatekeeper on September 15. This record said to be made by Do Kwon came around a couple of days after the Land maker was given a capture warrant by a court in Korea.


This capture warrant is with respect to the accident of the Land environment in mid-May which brought about financial backers losing extremely enormous. While many case Kwon is on-the-run following his movement to Singapore after the Land episode, he has denied the way that he is on the run through Twitter posts.


As per the report, around mid-September, the 3,313 BTC contained in the LFG Binance wallet was moved in inconsistent sums to Kucoin and OKX. While 1,354 units of BTC were shipped off a wallet on KuCoin in various exchanges, Bitcoins adding up to 1,959 were moved to OKX in different exchanges too.


Investigators are intently examining the subtleties of these exchanges and they see the assets could be to stow away, washing, or potentially getting away. In outcome, they had to push for the freezing of the resources on the two trades. While KuCoin obliged and has frozen the 1,354 BTC shipped off its trade, OKX is said to have disregarded the solicitation from Korean specialists.


An ex-Korean investigator said, “In a typical criminal examination in the event that a lot of cash is moved from the suspect’s record after the issuance of a capture warrant, it is normal to lead a serious examination with doubt of washing and disguise.” Comparably, an ongoing Korean investigator added, “We should initially check whether it will be utilized as a clearing store.”


Consequently, Korean specialists’ solicitation to KuCoin and OKX trade to freeze these 3,313 BTC connected to Do Kwon, is on the reason that Chief Kwon is a suspect disregarding the Capital Market Act. All the more thus, numerous lawbreaker accusations have been evened out against him with respect to the plummet of the Land biological system tokens in May.



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