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Learning Platform Udacity launches Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow Nanodegree program


24 January 2020:

Learning platform Udacity has launched a new Nanodegree program : Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow. The Nanodegree program incorporates advanced areas such as manipulating data, supervised & unsupervised learning, along with deep learning.

Developed by Google, TensorFlow is a deep learning framework that is widely used for creating ML models powered by multi-layer neural networks. Its library offers users to perform various technologically-intensive functions by creating computational graphs.

TensorFlow is utilized by several organizations to improve the quality of their businesses. Google, for instance, utilizes this technology in its Cloud product to allow startups to build machine learning models that work on data of any size.

Lalit Singh, COO, Udacity said, “Udacity has now released the second of the two versions of the Intro to Machine Learning Nanodegree program. Learners can now choose between PyTorch and TensorFlow frameworks. Under this program, students will also get the opportunity to acquire practitioner level skills through hands-on projects that will display their expertise to the relevant employers.”

(Image – Udacity)



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