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Legal tech startup trying to raise Rs 7 crores in pre-series funding

Indian Startups are doing well and raising a lot of investments lately. Recently, a new startup Lawyered emerged which aims to bring technology and lawyers together. The legal tech startup has raised $15 million in seed and angel investment yet. It is now trying to raise Rs 7 crores in a pre-series funding round. So, it can expand it’s business further and bring in more clients.

They aim to use the new funding they receive to expand into more cities and also make use of AI to improve their tech. The startup is also planning to use high-tech bots to create engagement with its users.

The idea of the legal tech startup

The startup is trying to bring together advocates, clients and even law students on one platform to help them connect to law firms. Therefore, any law student can find a job through the platform. It is also mentoring students and helping them to get familiar with the law field.

legal tech startup

Image Sourced: lawyered.in

Himanshu Gupta, the co-founder of the startup, said, “We are working to bring on board 25,000 advocates in next 10-12 months from around 2000 now, and the number will multiply further with time. We have started reaching out to tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We are talking to possible investors to raise Rs. 7 crore in pre-series funding”.

The idea of the platform was to bring legal help to those who didn’t have good advocates nearby. Himanshu said:

“There are at least demand for a three billion legal helps – from notarized record to startup compliance, from family legal cases to criminal offences every year, but people are not aware about how to get legal help and how to reach out to lawyers of their choice.”

More often than not, people don’t look for lawyers outside their vicinity. This platform will help them get the best lawyers and thus help them get their problems solved no matter what. The platform will even allow companies to get to choose from a wide range of experts to get the best solution expert for their legal problem.

COVID’s affect

Image Source: Eyewire news

COVID has a significant effect on the platform’s acceptance, according to the CEO. With more people inclined to use technology for their needs, the idea to get advocated online has been working. Gupta also added that people accepting the fact that they can use technology to summon(pun intended) an advocate has helped in their growth.

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