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Apple dominates the 2020 list of top-10 selling smartphones

Research and analytics firm, Omdia compiled a list of top-10 selling smartphones. The majority of the list includes Apple’s iPhones along with some mentions of Xiaomi and Samsung. 5 iPhones and some budget and mid-range smartphones were shown on the list of best-sellers of H1 2020.

The top-10 list of smartphones is as follows-

10. Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple’s latest flagship phone iPhone 11 Pro is 10th on the list. Apple recently made it to the USD 2 trillion market cap and was able to sell 6.7 million plus units of this model.

9. Redmi 8

9th on this list is Xiaomi’s Redmi 8 priced at Rs. 10,000 making it a budget smartphone. During the first 6 months of 2020, Xiaomi was able to sell more than 6.8 million units of Redmi 8A. Now, Redmi 9 and Redmi 9 Prime have replaced Redmi 8 for the position of budget smartphones under Rs. 10,000.

8. Redmi 8A

The 8th most popular smartphone was Redmi 8A by Xiaomi with sales of more than 7.3 million units.

7. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Premium smartphone iPhone 11 Pro Max became the 7th most selling smartphone in Q1 and Q2 of 2020. Apple was able to sell more than 7.7 million units of this premium device.

6. Apple iPhone XR

Ever since its launch in 2018, iPhone XR has been on the list of top selling smartphones every year. In the past 2 years, Apple has managed to sell more than 8 million units of this popular smartphone worldwide.

5. Apple iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone SE became popular because it is an iPhone priced under Rs. 40,000 hence making it a ‘budget’ iPhone. Ever since its release this year, Apple has managed to sell more than 8.7 million units of this iPhone.

4. Redmi Note 8 Pro

Redmi Note 8 Pro became the 4th best selling smartphone after it sold more than 10.2 million units during H1 2020.

3. Redmi Note 8

Xiaomi has been able to sell more than 11 million units of Redmi Note 8 worldwide making it the 3rd most popular smartphone. During H1 2020, it was the best selling smartphone.

2. Samsung Galaxy A51

This is the only Samsung smartphone to make it to the list of best selling smartphones this year. Samsung has sold more than 11.4 million units of this smartphone hence granting it 2nd position on the list.

1. Apple iPhone 11

Apple tops the list with iPhone 11. This is currently the best selling smartphone of Apple with the sales of more than 37.7 million units worldwide during H1 2020.




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