LimeWire is making a comeback as an NFT marketplace

Back in the early 2000s, when Spotify and other streaming services were yet to make their entry, there was LimeWire. The early 2000s might have been devoid of free streaming services without which survival becomes rather hard. However, the love for music was still a thing, and people had their own ways to get their jam. Peer-to-peer filing sharing services were the vogue back then and LimeWire had an unmatched reputation in that arena. LimeWire is a big name, and today it might seem like a thing of the nostalgic past. Not anymore. Because LimeWire is making a comeback in a brand new avatar. Read along to know more.


Back In The Game

If you thought that LimeWire was going to rest peacefully beneath layers of past glory, you were completely wrong. It is finally returning, but with a twist. LimeWire will return as an NFT marketplace, probably to make sure that it doesn’t stumble on the same mistakes that it made in the past.

For those who are unaware of LimeWire and its reputation back in the 2000s, LimeWire was a free computer software that allowed peer-to-peer file sharing. It made it easy for people to download and upload songs, videos, etc, often illegally. This aspect was the beginning of LimeWire’s fall as it led to a long-drawn legal battle with the Record Industry Association of America which culminated at the end of LimeWire, or so we thought. Past or present, copyright infringement is still an issue. After it closed shop in 2010, much wasn’t heard about this once big name. And now it is all set to make its reentry as an NFT marketplace. Well, who doesn’t like a change after all?

LimeWire has already made an official announcement about the relaunch. People will be able to buy and sell NFTs from different artists on the LimeWire NFT platform. Although the times aren’t exactly pleasant for NFTs at the moment, LimeWire does have an added advantage because it can tap into its past reputation. Nostalgia is very often a great way to get people attracted and LimeWire has got that one equation right. Perhaps LimeWire is all set to polish and rebuild its reputation which was partially stained by the lawsuit.

Twitterati is rather astonished about LimeWire’s relaunch as an NFT platform, and quite naturally this has rocketed it to the trending list on Twitter. Let us flip through a couple of reactions and responses on Twitter.

Never too late to start again.

Traces of the past are irreplaceable I guess…


Carnival time for computers indeed.

LimeWire is actually blasting away the walls of the past

Safe to say the world is indeed going upside down.

People are definitely optimistic about the return. The fact that they are treating it as the return of the devil does speak volumes

Expected the unexpected.


The resurrection story we have all been waiting for

Now that is indeed a very warm welcome