List of influencers promoting shitcoins for money revealed!

If you have been investing in crypto based on the calls given by Twitter influencers, I am pretty sure your portfolio is in red. This is because a lot of influencers take money for promoting shitcoins to their audience—a list of which has recently been revealed. It has over 100 names with rate charts for shilling tweets or retweeting. There is also a package deal. It shows how screwed people are if they look up to these so-called influencers.

The list

It was shared by Zach on Twitter. The list has 115 influencers, most of which do not tell their audience that their tweets are an ad. It not only deceives the people but is also a punishable offense in many jurisdictions like in Europe. The highest-paid influencer on the list is Lindsay Loha, with more than 8 million followers. The higher your reach, the more you are paid. There are also some who make a fool of their audience for a few hundred bucks or even lower.

I would highly recommend going through the list of influencers promoting shitcoins for money and unfollowing them. And if you have never been following them, then even better. You can always find some trustworthy Twitter pages which I will leave up to you guys to find, else it would like a promotion.

What can we learn from this?

Crypto is still new, and most of the people in this industry aren’t well-informed about the risks involved in shitcoins. They follow people who they think will make them rich and all this because these influencers give them unrealistic hope with crazy thumbnails and banners. I have seen videos click-baiting 1000x your funds by investing in some random coin.

So, the best thing to do is only follow people who talk about Bitcoin and maybe a few other top coins. More important, they should never push their buyers to buy into something or give them unrealistic hope. Finally, before choosing any project to invest in, do your own research because you cannot trust anyone. Not your favorite YouTuber or even me.

What are your thoughts on this list of influencers promoting shitcoins for money? And do you think there is a way to educate investors on this? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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