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“It takes a buring desire and a lot of guts to start your company !” – Vivek Singhal, Founder and CEO of Locville.com


He was living the life anyone could have dreamt of ! He had a very comfortable job at AT&T in the United States of America. He spoke at conferences and was an adviser to many startups in the States and in India. However this engineer from IIT Roorkee was not happy.”There was this strong burning desire to take that leap. To start your own company. To do what you dreamt of doing all your life.” And it was this burning desire that finally led Vivek Singhal, Founder and CEO of Locville.com to move to India and launch a startup venture shortly thereafter.

Vivek was always fascinated by the Indian startup industry and has been following the industry very closely from the States for the last 10 years. He has mentored many startups while in the USA. Right from the beginning, Vivek has been bullish about the growth of internet and related services in India. Looking at the hot startup activity currently happening in the country made it too difficult for him to stay away from this industry anymore.” After a certain point, it is difficult to be satisfied with your routine job. You keep getting a feeling that this job is not enough and you can do so much more ! The comfort, the perks, the money then cannot satisfy your desire to achieve that something more. ” says Vivek. ” Also living abroad you have seen how things can be and that gives you a number of ideas you can work with to do things differently out of India.”

Vivek Singhal, Founder and CEO of Locville.com

Vivek Singhal, Founder and CEO of Locville.com

The idea of Locville.com came into being when Vivek was setting up his home in Bangalore. LocVille.com is one of  India’s hottest home and furniture shopping destination. Detecting a fragmented market and lack of trust in current offerings in furniture market, LocVille.com has launched a private label furniture line under it’s own label. LocVille’s target customer is that middle class family who is setting up a new home and needs contemporary high quality furniture and home decor. Locville.com  was started in early 2014 by Vivek Singhal who then roped in Devang Vaghela to join him as the Co-founder & COO. Devang is responsible for driving the Operations and Technology Team Lead at LocVille. The company currently is a team of 6 people.

When asked about the competition in his industry, Vivek says “Competition is extremely fierce in this industry and there are some already well established names. Remaining competitive means competing on price for branded items. However this issue is not so prevalent in the new private label furniture line. The sourcing and supply of furniture is very difficult in India and solving the supply chain issues in this vertical can lead to a successful venture. We have therefore decided to launch our own private label that will create unique pieces of home furniture that cannot be bought anywhere else.” The company has recently launched their furniture private label and will look for funding in the near future.



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