Lucid Air briefly "bricked" after failed over-the-air software update

Lucid Air bricked software update could stop the vehicle from responding
A Lucid Air owner experiences nightmare because of the bricked software

A phone being bricked is well known as the software update fails. Lucid Air’s software update has bricked and shows that the car is “not drivable”. The OTA team is yet to come up with solutions for this. This is possibly the first time such bricked situation came up with a car.

Lucid Air briefly "bricked" after failed over-the-air software update
Image Credits- Teslarati

This is what happens when the software is corrupted. Experts say that new software can be installed to fix the problem of “soft brick”. However, for “hard brick” the device may stop working and doesn’t respond. It turned out to be a very expensive brick for Lucid.

With cars being equipped with technology now more than ever. Such a brick situation is bound to happen. A Lucid Air owner reported that as a nightmare. His car became responsive and shows the message “software update failed. vehicle may not be drivable.” It could be a frustrating situation for owners as this is the first time for them as well. Luckily there are users whose software update went smoothly. These are also being investigated by Lucid. The owner who had the issue of a brick is Alex. He described the problem in the Lucid Owners Forum.

Not working

According to his post on the forum, the Air was totally dead, and he couldn’t unlock the doors with any method. Luckily, he could open the rear trunk to get into the car. He could open the front doors “mechanically” from the inside, but the rear doors would not open, a real problem in the case of an accident. The customer service was nice but not helpful in solving the problem.

After about an hour, Alex heard the car alarm go off, and he could silence it using the key fob. The doors would unlock, but the error message was still there. He could put the car in drive and reverse and move it inside the garage, so it was probably drivable. Following the advice from Lucid customer care, he initiated another update. This time the update went to 24% in about an hour, but the same error message popped up.

Ten hours later, Alex posted an update on his situation, saying that the car would come alive about an hour after the error message popped. He could charge it overnight, and in the morning, there was no error message in the car. In the Lucid app, however, there was a warning about his car not being drivable. The customer service reps advised him not to try another service update and wait for a solution to his problem.