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Lucid Air EV nabbed highest battery range with 520-mile EPA certification

Lucid Group is yet to launch its first luxury sedan, Lucid Air this year. It is (possibly) the first car to top Tesla with a 520-mile range (837 km)  certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Tesla’s Model S Long Range EPA estimated range is around 405 miles.

How the 'Dead Zone' Could Help This Car Take on Tesla | WIRED

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In recent times, as people are shifting to electric vehicles, as a concern for charging station availability, the range has become the highest priority. Competing with gasoline vehicles, EVs are pushing to do much better in terms of driving range. In the US, under Joe Biden’s administration, the infrastructure bill includes US$7.5 billion for setting up charging stations.

Lucid Group announced in August that the deliveries are to start within this year, but an exact date is not provided yet. The first model is going to be the “Air Dream Edition Range”.

Except for electric trucks, most EVs including the luxury vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz EQS sport sedan will have a 300-400 mile range. Additionally, many cheaper EVs are still struggling to get the 300-mile range. Meanwhile, Lucid’s 520-mile range starts at $169,000 with 19-inch wheels. The other model, Dream edition performance trim with a 471-mile range is estimated to be priced at $169,000 with 1,111 horsepower.

Tesla has 1,020 horsepower with Model S Plaid at 396 miles range, priced at $131,690. Comparing the luxury models of both Lucid and Tesla, Lucid clearly ranks higher as its starting price is estimated to be around $130,000 with around a 500-mile range.

EV tax credit

Like most EVs, Lucid Air is also eligible for the $7,500 tax credit. However, the credit incentives vary for vehicles priced above $44,000. As the federal government recently started to consider a new EV incentive program, it is unclear how the final decision will impact EV makers.

Despite the range, evidently, Tesla vehicles are much affordable in general. It is expected that at a later date, Lucid will also launch cheaper versions with similar capabilities. But no such details are officially announced by the company. The company’s range is credited towards its overall performance rather than the 900-volt battery. The battery management strategy with miniaturized lightweight drive units all enhanced the performance of the battery as stated by Peter Rawlinson.

Lucid Air is late to the market, as many top EV makers already entered the market and are focusing on aspects like charging stations and global presence. However, as the features are exceptionally unique, it is considered a strong competitor for Tesla. Lucid Air already has many showrooms in the US, which already provided a unique virtual experience of the vehicle to its customers.



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