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Korean edutech startup LUXROBO is launching ‘hello AI’ and ‘Smart AI’ targeting the global AI education market in November 2020.


LUXROBO is a company that makes modular robotic platforms equipped with MODI operating systems and MODI modules have been leading the market for coding education when it comes to STEAM education. With the recent growth in AI learning using coding, ‘hello AI’ has been launched as an entry-level all-in-one package that includes camera, speaker and microphone modules to enable the three main AI functions of ‘recognition, learning, and judgment’.

‘hello AI’ kit has been developed so that students in the third to sixth grades of elementary school can easily learn the concept of AI, and create their own AI MODI-bots with a variety of facial stickers. The programming language is compatible with the ‘Entry’ education platform widely used in elementary schools in Korea and will soon be compatible with similar platforms used internationally as well. The basic curriculum is provided for 12 hours or sessions. Teachers can use it for up to 24 sessions if they purchase an expanded package with an additional 12 hours.

‘Smart AI’ kit meanwhile has been developed as an add-on to the existing LUXROBO product ‘Expert Kit’ which is being used by middle and high school students aged 11 to 18. Smart AI consists of AI modules incorporating camera, the external battery, use of python and MODI (block coding based on C++). These allow students to learn various AI applications used in real life through problem identification, data collection and utilization, and problem solving. These help students to become proficient in problem recognition, search, and mathematical optimization methods based on statistics, probability, computational intelligence processing.


The MODI curricula comprising Expert Kit (92 hours) and Smart AI (20 hours), were developed by LUXROBO jointly with partners such as KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology), SNUE (Seoul National University of Education) and ATC (Association of Teachers for Computing). LUXROBO is also planning to come out with English and Chinese versions of the curricula in the future.



MODI is LUXROBO’s industry-recognized modular coding education kit that was developed for building and connecting of DIY robotic creations. MODI modules comprise input, output and setup modules that allow learners to acquire key concepts across computer science and coding curriculums in a fun and engaging way. Through hands-on, project-based activities learners of all ages are able to tackle problems logically while developing their critical thinking and computational thinking skills. In combination with a STEAM curriculum, 3D printing, and LEGO, MODI classes really come alive.


Established in 2014, LUXROBO Inc. is a leading Korean robotics education technology startup that specializes in corporate online and offline coding education services in South Korea. LUXROBO’s MODI is a modular hardware platform consisting of 21 modules with specific functions and software coding tools for users and learners of all ages and backgrounds. MODI was designed for users to intuitively recognize each module’s function. Most types of modular devices have an exposed circuit board, but MODI does not. And it offers the added value of safety and familiarity, hence suitable for children to play with. LUXROBO has been growing fast and has attracted Series A and B investments from DS Asset. Hanhwa, Kakao Investments and a string of other investors.



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