Create A Rent Agreement Online; Maharashtra Govt Launches New Online Service


8 December, 2015, Mumbai: Now making a rent agreement will not going to be a big hassle for the denizens of Mumbai,  Thane and Pune. The Maharashtra government has launched a new online service to make the process more convenient and user friendly. The department of registration and stamps of Maharashtra has joined hands with Mumbai-based Network People Technologies to provide an online registration of rent agreement. Network People Technologies are the Authorised Service Partner (ASP) of the online registration service.

The service is accessible through The entire process involves few basic steps in order to crack the deal. The person has to log on to the website and book an appointment online. Once the process is completed, an executive will make a visit on the specified time and place to complete process. However, the service also gives a handy option of completing the rent agreement and previewing the draft online. The agreement made has to be sign in the presence of executive and rest of the procedure can be completed online.

User’s details will be verified through Aadhaar data base and his signature will be captured through biometric device. Once the process is completed, the user has to pay the stamp duty online as per the ASP fees.