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What Mahendra Singh Dhoni Teaches Us About Management !


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One should be a performer and demonstrate the same to our team. Performance is itself the most effective communication.

Leader has to be humble in a way and consider himself part and parcel of the team and not above the team.

“I never predict what will happen in cricket. We believe in each other and we believe in the process.”

Give genuine respect and trust to the team members.


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Allow them to experiment and take risk.

“We are not thinking about what may happen if we achieve or what may happen if we don’t succeed because those two things are beyond our control.”

In case of failure, encourage him / her to introspect and do it next time with more vigor and better planning.


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Make everyone in the team feel that, even though we are leaders, we are just one among them.

“We take each game in the right frame of mind”

We should also believe in the ones who failed in the Team. At crucial times a team member who was not able to deliver might do miracles.

As a leader, be calm in extreme situations and lead the team from front.

“We don’t rely on one specific individual. We expect everybody to contribute.”

Share the credit of success with your team members and praise them in public.

Above all believe in every member in the team.



(Image Credits : www.ibtimes.co.in)

(Image Credits : www.ibtimes.co.in)



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