Making a Mobile Game in 8 Steps

Every second developer thinks about creating a game.  Out of curiosity, for the sake of earnings or self-development.  Get started today!  And our article will help you navigate.  Let’s get started.

Game development has evolved into a full-fledged industry over the past decades and has evolved a lot.  Previously, programmers did not know where to start, due to lack of information and resources, now – due to excess.  Foreign universities began to open relevant specialties and courses.  So, if you want to develop new game engines, learn English and look for your program here or here.  However, the industry is changing at such a rate that practical skills can become outdated twice during study.  Those wishing to study the mobile game development process of engines on their own will be helped by our articles: a curriculum for mastering gamedev or 12 stages of learning a gamedev.  If the idea of your own game is ripe, start right now.

The path of constructors is limited in variations and only allows you to make small games.  For something more serious, you will have to start with programming.  For example, take a course on algorithms and data structures in C # and choose Unity.


Get ready to do 90% of the work on the first projects yourself.  This is enough for self-development.  And if you want to make money on an ongoing basis, you need a team.  One person will not be able to implement the code, testing, game idea, art, music, plot and promotion well – something will surely fail.  Do not despair.  It’s not just programmers who want to play games.  Constantly look for help on thematic forums like BuildBox or TIG, there are communities on pick-up and reddit, even a fairly large server in discord.

The point is this: you can open an online store, a cool portal or a corporate website on 1C-Bitrix or on a “self-written engine”.  The same task can be solved using Drupal, Joomla!  or OpenCart.  It’s the same with apps: you can pay big money to top developers, or you can satisfy the needs of your audience using online builders.

All mobile developers can be divided into two categories, depending on the software for which they create programs – iOS developers and Android developers.

What are the main tasks of a mobile application developer:

  • The program should have a convenient checkout block: shopping cart, payment system, order tracking.
  • The application requires a personal account.  It will contain sections “Purchase History”, “Desires”, “Favorites”.
  • With the help of push notifications, the client will receive messages about new arrivals of goods and promotions.

In the “Information” section, the user will be able to read news and reviews:

  • building application architecture;
  • direct programming;
  • work with designers;
  • support for mobile applications;


Steam is already overloaded with indie games; even a cool idea will be lost in it without marketing promotion.  Going out to young platforms like the Discord Store might be a good option, but it’s better to start looking for an investor.  Even with a ready-made game on hand, this is a difficult task, but doable.  In the social media world, you can get by with modest advertising budgets. Read more info here:


Try not to be alone, even if you can’t find a team.  You can burn out in no time.  Look for like-minded people at least for communication.  And remember that GameDev’s skills are a great skill in themselves and will come in handy in creating any kind of software.  Time won’t be wasted.

The cost of developing a mobile application depends not only on the planned functionality, but also on many factors: do you need help in preparing documentation, design, server-side development and technical support.

Therefore, the estimates below are very approximate.  Why the cost is such and what is included in it was described in this article.  Don’t be intimidated by its size – the article is conceived as a detailed answer to the question “how much does it cost to develop a mobile application in 2021”.