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Man invades German game show demanding GTA 6

Man invades German game show demanding GTA 6

Credit @ Beat The Stars

A fan of the GTA series has stormed the stage of a German live game show and demanded information on GTA 6. A young man stormed the stage of a popular German live game show Beat the Star and demanded Rockstars Games to release info about GTA 6. The man, identified only as “Mann” in his spare time in Germany, is presented as a “Schlagerstar” or “Schlagerstar” and demands that GTA 6.

During a live episode of a popular live TV game show over the weekend, a Superfan called “Taser Grand Thistles Auto” stormed the stage to demand news of GTA 6 from the host. The viewer, who wished to be identified only by his first name, demanded an answer from the German game show Schlag den Star, which is hosted by Alexander Elton Duszat.

When she interrupted Elton, another contestant, Evelyn Burdecki, a reality star with a Taser, wanted to know what the game was. A fan in Germany thought the host knew the answer to the question, but it was unclear if he had any connection to the gaming industry. Demanded one young man, shocking the moderator, who turned to the camera and gave him the answer. you can check the video on the Reddit post below.

Wenn du echt kein Bock mehr hast auf GTA6 zu warten und ins Deutsche TV gehst from de


The show’s host Alexander “Elton” Duszat is said to shock the hosts by turning to the digital camera and giving his answer. When host Elton responds that he has no idea when GTA 6 will be released and that he will be suspended from the game, a viewer posing as a taser asks Elton to speak to the camera and ask what the game is about. The show goes off the rails when Elton wonders if it’s some kind of publicity stunt to have the Taser escorted from the stage by security guards, or to pay someone to take two and rush off stage.

A man vented his frustration on live television after attacking a German game show called Schlag Star, hitting another star for no reason, and demanding a rock star GTA. The next-gen update for Grand Theft Auto V is rumored to be arriving in 2025 and will give fans some opportunities to keep them busy in the meantime. Rockstar Games has taken over two of the quietest status games from Interactives.

Man invades German game show demanding GTA 6

Credit @ Beat The Stars

With the latest GTA-6 character actors and speakers, fans are clamoring for information about the game. No doubt the burden on those who do not yet know what it is: a fan storms the stage of a German show and claims to have discovered the release date of the games.

Presenter Alexander Duszat, known as Elton in Germany, was talking with reality television star Evelyn Burdecki when an audience member ran onto the stage and translated the exchange. Beat the Star is a popular TV game show that is broadcast live on Saturday nights and is hosted by Elton John. It is a show in which contestants compete against stars in various challenges such as climbing, hockey races, and all sorts of things to win some dough.



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