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Man Made to Sweep Road After Taking a Wrong Turn in Gurugram
Rohit Thomas is into the business of armoured plating of vehicles and says he frequently dealt with the Army and paramilitary forces.

On the 5th of July, a man in Gurugram, Haryana said that he was forced to sweep up the road by a constable after he made an incorrect turn in the road which made him end up at the Recruit Training Centre that is located in Bhondsi.

The man in question, is Rohit Thomas, who calls sector 67, the southern part of the city as his home, works for a company that produces armour and metallic plates to improve the security of various vehicles. Due to that, he deals a lot of business and has a lot of communication with the government of India and the Indian army officials.

Barricade by TOI

He complained to the police and the people of the Recruit Training Centre, and said that he was just following Google Maps, to take him back to his house and the route made him drive through barricades. He did not realise that the area restricted for the general public to drive through.

Mr. Thomas then stopped and asked a constable of police who was stationed there if the road goes on, to which the constable said that it does not.

Hearing that, he began to turn his car around to go back to where he came from, but the police man stopped the car and told him to get out. He went on to say that after he got off his car, the police man started using abusive language at him and even asked where he learnt to drive a car. He also said that the police man got angry with him as he dirtied the road with his mud filled tyres.

The police man went on to accuse him of making the road dirty on purpose and told him that an important person was about to come on this road and forced him to clean it up by sweeping up the place.

Mr. Thomas also said that he spoke to the police man with respect and did not raise his voice at him at all.

Mr. Thomas, then went to police to lodge a complaint, and the assistant director general police of the Area, Dr. Qureshi has now started a special probe in to the matter and in to that deputy superintendent of police. He told the public that the police force will take action after they complete their investigation and prove that he did treat Mr. Thomas very poorly.



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