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Our Products are our Sales Team – Sridhar Iyengar of ManageEngine Tells Techstory

Sridhar Iyengar, Vice President - Product Management, ManageEngine - 1

The role of Technology in Business has changed. Technology is now central to the CEO agenda more than the CIO agenda. In times like these, ManageEngine provides best in class enterprise IT management software that helps companies craft their success on the backbone of strong and effective infrastructure. In this article Techstory.in talks to Mr. Sridhar Iyengar, VP – Product Management, ManageEngine, about ManageEngine and their products, the BYOD and IOT trends, the evolving role of technology in enterprises and how product is the company’s real salesman.

About ManageEngine

ManageEngine, founded in 2002, is a division of Zoho Corporation. Known for its enterprise IT management software that offers the ease of use SMBs need and the powerful features the largest enterprises demand, ManageEngine today works with more than 100,000 companies around the world – including three of every five Fortune 500 companies.

Zoho Corporattion, then known as AdventNet, was formed in 1996 in Chennai, with a focus on Telecom Network Management Software ! In 1999, when Zoho Corporation saw the dot com bubble coming, they had two choices in front of them. Either continue fighting the existing game or diversify to provide solutions in more areas.Being bootstrapped gave the company a lot of freedom to take a path of their choice. One of the divisions formed out of their decision to diversify was ManageEngine. Till date ManageEngine has grown organically and has been bootstrapped.


ManageEngine Products

The company has 20+ products that compete with global players in the international markets. The company offers solutions in Network management, Server and Application management, Active Directory management, Desktop Management, Mobile device management, IT help desk, and Security management.

Being a core technology company, ManageEngine, along with all its divisions are always on the look out for latest technologies. Some of the recent (in the past few years) applications of the company are in the SMAC area. Enterprise applications to manage the latest BYOD trend, applications on cloud are some of the latest additions in the ManageEngines portfolio.

The company has partnered with a number of large system integrators such as IBM, TCS, Infosys who use enterprise IT applications developed by ManageEngine and build turnkey customer solutions on top of ManageEngine’s enterprise products.

The breadth of offerings of ManageEngine  are comparable only to those of  Big 4 who deliver their services at a much higher cost than ManageEngine.

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Trend

Smartphones and all time connectivity have diminished the boundaries between personal and professional data. BYOD  trend is real and happening in enterprises and managing BYOD and MDM (Mobile Device Management ) is giving the IT security teams nightmares.It is imperative now that companies define their BYOD policies so that their enterprise data security is not compromised.

The BYOD becomes a threat especially when enterprises know that there will be a higher consumption of bandwidth for non business purposes for example when there is a cricket match that employees might watch on their mobile phones using company bandwidth. Business applications are sure to take a hit during such times.

ManageEngine with their latest suite of products for management of BYOD allow the IT teams not only to manage all the devices but also set priorities so that business applications always get a priority when in times of bandwidth crunch.

ManageEngine’s Take on IoT

IoT is a trend that is still very much in an evolution stage. But it is a reality we will have to face sooner than later. Having a lot more devices connected to the internet will surely pose newer challenges of managing these devices but standardization will surely come in eventually. We have dealt with such situations in the past when internet became available or when mobile phones had internet connectivity and so on. IoT too will see standardization as the trend evolves.

Product is the New Salesman !

A few years ago, if you had to sell, many vendors hired large & expensive field sales teams, which would eventually push up cost of the product & hence the sale price to the customer. However today that is not the case. Your product is the first entity to go in through your customers doors. Gone are the days when  customer would buy products just by listening to what you say. Today, customers want to try products out before they put their money in it.

ManageEngine gives their customers a free trial of their products. For them their products win them customers. Their products are their true salesmen. The company has therefore always invested more in their products than in their sales and marketing teams.

The Evolving Role of Technology

The role of technology in businesses has changed to a large extent from the times when technology was introduced in enterprises to where it stands today. Enterprises originally viewed technology as an engine for automation that can help reduce costs. However today Technology is looked at as a business function that will drive growth and differentiation for the organization.Technology today is a CEO agenda more than the CIO agenda.

In times like these, ManageEngine is providing solutions which can help enterprises detect, troubleshoot, find the root- cause and fix a problem in any part of their IT infrastructure. This is how the company makes sure that software keeps businesses running. ManageEngine provides a reliable backbone to organizations based on which organizations can craft their success stories.




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