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Mars to roll out M&Ms with Bored Ape and Mutant Ape NFTs

Mars partners with kingship and 1022 Pm to roll out M&M’s candys that feature Bored Ape and Mutant Ape

  • Mars integration with Kingship for Tour Rider
  • Tour Rider and its concept
  • Mars efforts in the world of blockchain increasing as every day goes by
  • NFT space slowly starting to gain pace again


Mars integration with Kingship for Tour Rider

Mars, goes on to integrate with Kingship, to launch Bored Ape and Mutant Ape based candies, which will be going as a tour rider for rock n roll band. The candy that we are talking here is about M&M’s. We have all had M&M candies at some point of time. The unique selling point of the product was the range of colors that it use to offer to lure people especially kids into buying it. Not only that, many tour riders from Rock N Roll, often had set M&M candies as a mandatory request for the performance.

Now, Mars, the manufacturer of M&M’s has gone one step ahead to collaborate with Kingship, and roll out M&M’s. The collaboration has come in the wake of Kingship’s Tour Rider. The candies will be imprinted with the faces of Kingship’s four member, Three Bored Apes and one Mutant Ape

It was also reported that, as soon as the candy with NFT imprint was launched, sold out $100 limited edition 100 boxes instantly, while 4000 and 6000 editions are still available at the official website.


Tour Rider and its concept

A performer’s set of guidelines for a performance are contained in a document known as a Tour Rider. This includes any demands made for the artist’s comfort or the specific technical requirements for the performance. The hospitality rider and the technical rider make up a tour rider in most cases.


Mars effort in the Web3

This collaboration makes it clear that, Mars is keenly interested in venturing into web3 technology and has been making efforts in the said direction. As consumers preferences are changing and evolving, Mars is also keenly interesting in innovating its products to cater to the growing needs and wants of the customers.

An spokesperson was also delighted to announce their step in the Web3 tech, and told that the company is excited and elated to enter into the metaverse with the partnership with 1022pm and Kingship

NFT’s growth

NFT's growth

Credits: Variety

As the market place was in a slump, the investors were slowing down their pace in making the investments. But news such as these are surely going to add to the growth of the industry and will also lure the investors to pace up their investments in the NFT sector.


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