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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer raked in 42.1 mn dollars in 2014


Washington, April 30 : Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s 2014 compensation increased 69 percent to 42.1 million dollars.

According to Deadline.com, Mayer took over in July 2012 when Yahoo shares were depressed.

Mayer’s package, detailed in a proxy filed at the SEC, includes 1 million dollars in salary, 11.8 million dollars in stock awards, 28.2 million dollars in option awards, 1.1 million dollars in non-equity incentives, and 28,065 for other compensation.

The last category includes 26,891 dollars for security. Directors said that a “substantial portion” of the equity awards were part of her 2012 recruitment package and were worth 15 million dollars when the company approved them.



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