Medical Professionals with interest in spaceflights can assist in SpaceX missions

SpaceX recently mentioned in its job listing for medical professionals who can assist with space missions, “who have a passion and interest in human spaceflight”. It further added about their current launches. The job role states as, “Space Operation Nurses”.

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Creatively SpaceX states, “What’s more challenging that the emergency room? Maybe a spaceship! We’re looking for operational nurses who want to help us achieve our goal of enabling people to live on other planets. Apply now via the following link,”

SpaceX is currently building Starship. After multiple testing processes and other developments, the spaceship is to travel to space and survive for months in space. Without basic requirements like medical help and other emergency needs, it would be impossible to guarantee safety of astronauts. SpaceX menions their current missions,  “SpaceX is currently building the world’s next human spaceflight capability. We’re actively supporting a wide array of mission types – revolutionizing access to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with cargo and crewed Dragon missions, returning humans to the Moon by developing a Human Lander System (HLS) for NASA’s Artemis program, and rapidly developing Starship, the first rocket and spacecraft designed to support crewed trips to Mars,”

What would be the role of nurses at SpaceX?

There could be a question about the need of nurses right now, when the launches haven’t been scheduled. Medical professionals need to be trained about space affects on human beings. NASA has been working on various aspects for many decades. Astronauts health is maintained by consistent exercise and other practices. On the other hand commercial spaceflights plan to send regular civilians to space. Among which SpaceX goals includes sending humans to experience space for months.

Nurses will participate in the research operations, and learn tasks related to assisting astronauts. The job application states, “You’ll work under the supervision of SpaceX flight surgeons and assist with medical care and planning. Our pool of contract nurses are notified of upcoming missions and selected to support associated training and operational needs for missions each year.”

The medical professionals will also need to assist with SpaceX employees. Including the responsibility of keeping everyone safe from COVID-19. The company already posted a job role for medical engineer few months ago. They were searching for a doctor of medicine who studied engineering, a rare combination. More or less, the nurses who apply now will be able to assist the medical engineer as per requirements.

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